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A:Moss is a personal choice. Some gardeners, like you, love it, while others ask me how to get rid of or prevent it! Those who love moss can try a product called The Moss Milk Shake. Moss Milk Shake comes in a milk carton with easy to follow instructions. Remember, moss likes cool damp shady places, so don't expect the Moss Milk Shake to help you grow moss elsewhere.

than in past seasons past. It's a bit too early to tell what may happen in fall color. The summer and early fall weather will still affect when and what type of autumn we will have.

A:Walnuts actually produce a chemical that inhibits the growth of certain plants within the canopy of the tree. Make sure you plant only those types of plants recommended for that space. If your plants are on the recommended list, trim the walnut for more light Giuseppe Zanotti White Shoes penetration into the garden and use a general all purpose organic fertilizer for the plantings.

A:Straight line design is usually used when someone wants a more architectural look to their garden or a more formal overall design. Maintenance is also a consideration, as a straight line design can be easier to mow and edge. Curved designs, meanwhile, create a more natural overall appearance to a garden space. That said, be careful: too many curves in a small space can distract the eye, and the overall effect will be lost.

Q:What will this year's early spring weather mean for the rest of the growing season?

A:Start out with a corn gluten based weed preventer. Preen makes one called Organic Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer, and you can just follow the label directions. Mulch with compost around the plants, but be careful not to mulch up against any of the vegetable stems and leaves, because that may cause stem rot and kill the plants. Another tip: cultivating or turning the soil when weeds are small is a tried and true agricultural practice for vegetable farmers.

Landscape, Nursery and Garden Center, Wilmette, Ill. Each month, Steve answers readers' questions about gardening best practices, how to tackle tricky lawn and garden problems and overcome landscape design challenges. And if you are at Chalet's new Landscape Experience display garden at Chalet, be sure to stop by and say hi!

Giuseppe Zanotti White Shoes

Q: What's hot this season in annual flowers?

´╗┐Wilmette Kenilworth news

Giuseppe Zanotti White Shoes

Giuseppe Zanotti White Shoes

Giuseppe Zanotti White Shoes

Giuseppe Zanotti White Shoes

Giuseppe Zanotti White Shoes

Giuseppe Zanotti White Shoes

A:That question is on a lot of people's minds! Many roses have already flowered early, and you can look for an extended blooming season with your roses. Hydrangeas, which began to set buds in April in some sunny southern exposed gardens, should also have an extended blooming year. Some seasonal perennials will bloom earlier and then finish earlier Jimmy Choo Miami Trainers Champagne

Q: Last year, my organic vegetable garden was a weedy mess. How can I avoid that again?

Giuseppe Zanotti White Shoes

Q: How do I decide if my garden beds should be curved or straight?

A: What's old is new again with three classic annual flowers. Check Jimmy Choo Light Pink Shoes

It's time to get out and garden! Whether you're just digging in or evaluating how your lawn and garden are looking this year, feel free to pose any questions to Steve Kooyenga, senior landscape architect at Chalet Giuseppe Zanotti Sandals Mens

Q. I love the look of moss growing in between my patio stones. Is there any way I can get it to spread or grow faster?

Giuseppe Zanotti White Shoes

out the new red geraniums, "Caliente Fire" and "Calliope Dark red", which combine the best characteristics of traditional geraniums and ivy geraniums. Both varieties feature deep colors and continuous flowering and are great for baskets and containers. Also, take a look at the petunia "Pretty Much Picasso", with a violet purple flower edged in lime green. This petunia, like other petunias, likes full sun and looks great when mixed with other pastel colors. Another new take on a classic is the pink Bacopa "Snowstorm." White Bacopa has always been a popular container plant, known for its white cascading flowers, and the pink version is definitely eye popping.

Q:I have a walnut tree in my yard and I'm having a hard time growing my favorite plants underneath it. Should I use a certain soil additive or fertilizer?

Gain new ideas for Midwest gardens and outdoor living spaces! Take part in "A Conversation with Jamie Durie" at Chalet in Wilmette, Ill, on Thursday, June 14.

Giuseppe Zanotti White Shoes

Giuseppe Zanotti White Shoes

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