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One of the biggest fights of the year when it happens and i can't wait! Haye to win by knockout but i think this will be a Giuseppe Zanotti Sandals Sale

This must be a dream come true for Haye who has got nothing to lose literally and everything to gain by cementing his legacy on the sport of Boxing. Well done David Haye and all the best in your endeavours. You have my support and trust.

Jimmy Choo Dahlia Glitter Pumps

Harry Callahan says.

"You can't run away from me forever and you need to follow through with this fight to get respect. I'm ready. What are you waiting for?"

Jimmy Choo Dahlia Glitter Pumps

In the meantime, Haye has gone on to win the WBA belt from Nikolai Valuev and earlier this month made an impressive first defence of the title against veteran John Ruiz.

Last year he would have been beaten, later this year or next year im sure he will win. To make your legacy off the back of another fighter is what boxing has become so why not take advantage Haye and fight them when theyre 50.

Jimmy Choo Dahlia Glitter Pumps

Klits gunna get knocked out and I cant wait to see a proper undisputed and exciting heavyweight champion and not a robotic eastern european boxer who wont unify coz his brother is the other champion. Haye to smash them both and then the Klits should be told to fight each other before fighting the beast from the east, then the winner of all that can have another crack at Haye.

Jimmy Choo Dahlia Glitter Pumps

take place 'in the coming weeks'.

i wish everyone would see some sense and recognise that the heavyweight division is the poorest Giuseppe Zanotti Uk

Haye is a very clever business man, he knows that with every month that passes, once your at that age, your reactions, handspeed and footwork deteriorate very slightly. The accumulative effect is a lesser opponent and thats what will make the difference when Haye comes to fight them.

Jimmy Choo Dahlia Glitter Pumps

"I want to send this message to boxing fans and directly to David Haye," he says in the video. "David, you've bitched out on fighting both Klitschko brothers twice already and now is the time to make it happen.

Haye said after beating Ruiz that negotiations between he Jimmy Choo Dahlia Glitter Pumps and the Klitschkos were due to Giuseppe Zanotti Burgundy Sneakers

Klitschko, the WBO and IBF world heavyweight champion was two weeks away from a fight with the Englishman last summer before Haye was forced to pull out with a back injury.

Jimmy Choo Dahlia Glitter Pumps

Garry Denny says.

´╗┐Wladimir calls out Haye

it has been for years, the klitschkos are average fighters compared to 6 7 years ago and david haye is no better than either of them.

it amazes me that wladimir comes out saying haye has been running, i mean, who from? who the hell on earth has haye dodged? no one!!! he'll murder wladimir anyway, he's way too scared when push come to shove, he's not bad when he knows the other guys has no chance after a few rounds of range finding, but on 3 occasions weve seen wladimir get knoked out when half decent fighters get suck in to him, and one thing is for sure, haye will get well stuck in to wladimir, no problem, i cant wait for it should it happen

real test for Haye and will be interesting to see how his chin copes with the power of a real heavyweight. Haye will be the undisputed heavyweight champ full stop!

Euan Buchan says.

However, the pair remain on collision course with Haye desperate to cement his legacy with fight against Klitschko, and/or his brother Vitali, the WBC champion.

Jimmy Choo Dahlia Glitter Pumps

I really hope this fight comes through, as Wlad is by far the weaker brother, with a far worse tolerance for punishment than Haye. Vitali on the other hand would concern me, but as for Wlad. shut him up David! As for Tua. Lennox made a complete Mockery of him when in his prime, and the guy was explosive, but is now over the hill. Haye would comfortably beat him in a similar vein to Ruiz.

Ibrahim Osekre says.

Jimmy Choo Dahlia Glitter Pumps

Jimmy Choo Dahlia Glitter Pumps

I am sure the Hayemaker must be smiling right now with this so call so uncharacteristic of Wladimir Klitschko and I trust me, I don't care what the skeptics think but I think Haye has him where he wanted to make him angry and anxious. This means that Wladimir must surely be losing sleep over comments from the Hayemaker.

Jimmy Choo Dahlia Glitter Pumps

But it seems Klitschko is just as keen to take on a meaningful opponent after countless title defences against inferior opposition.

"On behalf of the boxing fans around the world, I am officially calling you out to fight me.

Adam Whiteley says.

Chris Whatson says.

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