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CORPUS CHRISTI A Corpus Christi woman shares her story of two Good Samaritans who pulled her out of a burning car last month. She was hit head on by another driver and now she is searching for the two, to properly thank them.

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"I would call them angels, heroes and they deserved to be recognized," says Reames.

"And then we saw as they were dragging me away the whole inside of the car was in flames, where I had just been. So I would have burned alive if they hadn't helped me," says Reames.

Reames said the man returned with another woman, who was an off duty EMT. As they were figuring out how to pry her from the SUV, the engine burst in to flames. The two jumped into Trainers Jimmy Choo action dragging Reames out of the SUV.

Now out of the hospital and slowly recovering she hopes by sharing her story she'll be able to find the two people who saved her life that night.

Reames was head headed home from Ropers that Jimmy Choo Gold Shoes Ebay

Shortly after she escaped from the burning SUV help arrived. In the middle of the chaos the two Good Samaritans disappeared. Reames never got the chance to thank them.

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´╗┐Woman Searching for Good Samaritans Who Saved Her

The front of her blue Toyota FJ was smashed leaving her Giuseppe Zanotti Mens Shoes

trapped inside with a broken pelvis.

"Luckily, so lucky this man comes running up to my window from I don't know where and he said 'ma'am do you need help? I said 'yes! Yes I need help!'," says Reames.

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"I Jimmy Choo Youth Short Leather Biker Boots Black

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Trainers Jimmy Choo

As for the driver of the other car, police say the officer smelled alcohol on his breath and say his speech was slurred. Police are still waiting for Ryant Connelly blood test results. Connelly is under investigation for intoxicated assault with a motor vehicle.

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Do Not Enter signs line the Buffalo Street exit off I 37. But those signs didn't stop 21 year old Ryant Connelly in the early morning hours of April 20th. Police say Connelly was travelling the wrong direction on I 37 that night when his Audi collided head on with Robin Reames's Toyota FJ. She had been on a late night flower delivery and was on her way home.

just want to say thank you for being such good human beings and good people, thank you. And I just can't tell you thank you enough," says Reames.

"As he was approaching me there was nothing I could do, absolutely nothing," says Reames.

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Trainers Jimmy Choo

Trainers Jimmy Choo

Saturday night she had exited off Crosstown Expressway headed to her shop downtown. That's when she saw a pair of head lights headed straight toward her car. She swerved to the right to try to avoid the car and then to the left, but then eventually the car hit her straight on.

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