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Last year, Cohen made a salad in which he tossed warm, sauteed mushrooms with greens in an anchovy based vinaigrettes. This latter day caesar needed something a little more exciting than the regular croutons, however. Cohen's solution: house potato chips.

Zanotti Sneakers Women

and baked until crisp.

Zanotti Sneakers Women

Zanotti Sneakers Women

A big bowl of leafy greens, garden tomatoes and a classic French vinaigrette. Add a backyard deck as Jimmy Choo Trainers Black Glitter

Zanotti Sneakers Women

Zanotti Sneakers Women

Redzikowski has the very thing on his menu: an apple, kale and Parmesan salad with lightly candied almonds and a sprightly lemon chili viniagrette.

Zanotti Sneakers Women

Zanotti Sneakers Women

the setting and a glass of white wine and you have the essence of what a salad should be.

Redzikowski also makes a salad with treviso, ripened pear, arugula, basil and pickled shallots. Midnight Moon cheese, a semi ripened, blue ish cheese from California, and a vinaigrette made with Muscat vinegar add punch.

"You make a vinaigrette that you think tastes really acidic, but when you put it with kale and Parmesan, it soaks up that acid.

What is right in these chill days when we arise in the dark and arrive home as the light wanes, is a substantive, serious sort of salad that celebrates the heavy, earthy rootedness of winter, which has enough brightness to remind us that spring is not so very far away.

Redzikowski says winter salads with their heartier ingredients allow a lot more experimentation with acids for the vinaigrette, as well as a higher ratio of acid to oil.

your pantry, it becomes clear that almost anything seasonal can find a home in the salad bowl.

This might seem rudimentary, but the thing to do when conceiving a winter salad is to think of winter vegetables. That can mean gnarly looking stuff like celeriac and vegetables that strike dread in a large swathe of children and adults, to wit, brussels sprouts.

Or do you?

A plate of yum

Not that there's anything wrong with fresh, delicate greens. We're all waiting for some to spring from the ground a couple of months from now. But, now when the snow flies and the wind chill dips, we also crave salad a salad of a different sort, one that can fuel a snowy hike, but not overburden us if we're lucky enough to score an evening by the fire with a good book.

He slices them thin, on a mandoline, to form the base of the salad along with frisee and radicchio two parts sprouts, and 1 part each of the other two. A Roman pecorino cheese, the mellower cousin of the Tuscan variety, toasted walnuts, sea salt and freshly ground pepper round out the ingredients. The dressing is lemon juice, good olive oil and a smidgen he emphasizes just a tiny bit of honey.

Zanotti Sneakers Women

A key aspect of winter salad making, according to Rezlikowski: "I really like to have a lot of goodies. . a lot of the reason you picked the salad in the first place."

Zanotti Sneakers Women

"The last thing I want (in winter) is a mixed green salad," says Steve Redzikowski, chef and part owner of Oak at 14th in Boulder. "There's something not right there."

Take that street full of black snow and icy ruts!

´╗┐Winter greens and roots that rock your vinaigrette

Once you open your root cellar and Giuseppe Zanotti Amelia

For that estimable salad, he uses two types of apples: Gala and Granny Smith, the first sweet, the second tart, sliced thinly for lots of flavorful surface area. Then comes everyone's favorite super green, dino kale, aka lacinato or Tuscan. The kale in a fine chiffonade forms a backbone of dark green ribbons. Next Parmigiano Reggiano, chopped into fine chunks (which is to say flavor bombs of savory, salty, nutty cheese o liciousness. Then chopped almonds that have been boiled, tossed lightly in sugar Red Heels Jimmy Choo

The lowly brassicas have made a comeback in recent years in the company of unctious complements such as brown butter or bacon. But Jim Cohen, owner of the Empire Lounge in Louisville and the recently opened Pizzeria da Lupo in Boulder, boldly serves brussels sprouts in a salad.

Redzikowski, for Zanotti Sneakers Women example, also likes a salad he makes with Swiss chard. The leaves are cut in a chiffonade, with the stem left in. If you use rainbow chard, the color alone is enough to make you misty eyed on a drab winter day. He makes a brown butter vinaigrette using balsamic vinegar and then cracks an egg into the hot dressing to scramble it into super fine curds. When the opulent dressing meets the iron rich chard, a winter star is born.

Zanotti Sneakers Women

Zanotti Sneakers Women

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