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If chosen, Lutes' said he hopes the prize money would be used to develop the program locally and "provide more opportunities for those who are unable to play 'stand up hockey'."

"Working with Bob over the last three years has been a constant opportunity to learn," he said. "His dedication to growing the program and providing an exciting opportunity for growth for children in the area has motivated me to work harder as a coach. His focus on making sure that individual players are setting new personal bests not simply on team achievements is one of the most exciting parts of working with him."

Jimmy Choo Trainers Gold

"I had been thinking of Paralympians playing this extreme sport," Mariette recalled, but she caved and they went to a demo at a Sackville rink.

Jimmy Choo Trainers Gold

"This is my first year playing for him," Nicole said. "It's pretty fun. He makes it a lot of fun and he mixes it up every practice and makes a big game out of it. Jimmy Choo Trainers Gold He's very passionate about getting new players and advocating for the sport."

"Sledges are expensive, ice time is busy and registration fees they try to keep as low as possible," Mariette said. "Having a disability is very expensive it's not like there is extra money floating around" for families.

Mariette praises Lutes' dedication to advocating for his players and the sport as well as trying to make local rinks more accessible. Getting sleds on and off the ice means building ramps and other challenges.

"It's something I always wanted to do," she said. "If you love hockey, you want to play it."

Wolfville sledge hockey coach nominated for Kraft award

"I've been a hockey fan since I was a kid," Nicole said. "Every since I was old enough to stay up late enough on Saturday nights. My dad always watched Hockey Night in Canada. Once I saw it, I said, 'what the heck is this?' Pumps Jimmy Choo

and I've been a Leafs fan ever since."

He speaks as highly of his players as the McDonalds speak about him.

When Lutes heard of Mariette's idea, he said he "felt rather humbled" to be nominated.

Jimmy Choo Trainers Gold

Assistant coach James Griffin Allwood said Lutes is a role model.

"She was afraid of me getting hurt or getting frustrated," Nicole said.

Jimmy Choo Trainers Gold

After 25 years of coaching "stand up hockey," Lutes said his time coaching the sledge version has provided some of the best moments of his life.

When Nicole watched the game, she said she thought to herself, " I'll never be able to play this.

Jimmy Choo Trainers Gold

Jimmy Choo Trainers Gold

one. Mariette was reluctant.

He tells the players, "it doesn't matter how you play (hockey), it's Canada's sport," she added.

"It's hard to describe the respect I have for the kids who have been given challenges most of us can't even imagine. Most of my heroes are sport heroes, and in the past four years, I have added a number of our players to this list. The 'get on with it attitude' of our players is something to learn from."

Jimmy Choo Trainers Gold

Jimmy Choo Trainers Gold

The 20 year old has spina bifida and uses a wheelchair most of the week. When she was a little girl, her mother built her a skating frame so she could be pushed around on bob skates.

"Then I quickly realized 'it's not about me,' but about the players who we coach in sledge hockey and about making people aware of the need to provide opportunities for participation for everyone," Lutes said.

Jimmy Choo Trainers Gold

Jimmy Choo Trainers Gold


"Sledge hockey is so much better than that," Nicole said. "When I'm on the ice, I'm free and I can go wherever I want. I can handle the puck and shoot and pass."

"It might look different on the ice, but the hopes, desires and efforts are similar: players putting in the effort to be the best they can Jimmy Choo Mens Shoes Sale

At 14, Nicole heard of sledge hockey demonstrations in the Halifax area and started asking her mother to take her to Jimmy Choo Shoes Uk

Mariette said she is concerned about the financial sustainability of the program and wanted to do something to help. By nominating Lutes and the association for the Kraft competition, she's hoping to gain some financial stability for the program.

Lutes said he is grateful for the support of the players, parents, coaches and the association for their efforts and support.

Jimmy Choo Trainers Gold

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