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Those feats helped propel Brad Zupp to a pair of bronze medals at last month's USA Memory Championship in New York City, but the Wilton resident denies the accomplishment was the result of any kind of superhuman memory trait. He's made it his mission to show people that with practice they can utilize the same memory techniques he does to sharpen their brains.

"I want people to take care of their minds better," he said, adding people are "outsourcing our memories" by relying on devices like GPS and cell phones, which store addresses and phone numbers.

´╗┐Wilton man takes bronze medals home from USA Memory Championship

that point, though, takes a lot of practice. He said his next goal is to memorize a newspaper.

He used some of the same memory techniques to help him win the bronze Jimmy Choo Grand Leather Boot Black medals on March 24.

as he thinks having a healthy mind is part of having a healthy body. Studies have shown that people who regularly participate in mentally stimulating activities may reduce their risk of Alzheimer's disease.

Jimmy Choo Grand Leather Boot Black

Jimmy Choo Grand Leather Boot Black

"You get to picture these really zany things and make yourself laugh," Zupp said.

Jimmy Choo Grand Leather Boot Black

If he thumbed through and found the three of hearts, the two of diamonds and four of spades, for example, it'd represent Amy Farrah Fowler from the CBS sitcom "The Big Bang Theory" doing a handstand on a toilet. He places each scene in a particular store in downtown Saratoga Springs and moves on to the next trio, wearing noise canceling headphones to minimize distractions.

Zupp said each card in the deck has a person, action and object associated with it. He remembers the cards in trios. The first in the series represents a person, the second is an action and the third determines the object. He has a similar system in place for remembering numbers.

Jimmy Choo Grand Leather Boot Black

Jimmy Choo Grand Leather Boot Black

Jimmy Choo Grand Leather Boot Black

Zupp does it as a way of staying "mentally sharp," Zanotti Heels 2017

When it was time to recall the order, he'd walk past each store in his mind and remember what he had pictured inside. That, to him, is exponentially easier than repeating the names of the cards over and over again until it sticks.

He's only been doing this competitively for the past four years, but his experiments with memorization techniques started 20 years ago when his career in entertainment led him to a position at a Japanese amusement park. With the help of a language book and a memory technique book, Zupp was conversationally fluent in Japanese when he returned home.

Jimmy Choo Grand Leather Boot Black

He's considering participating at the World Memory Championships later this year. That contest features several marathon style events that include remembering memorizing multiple decks of cards.

Jimmy Choo Grand Leather Boot Black

"I think the record is 27," Zupp said. To get to Jimmy Choo High Heels Sandals

"The brain remembers pictures really well," he said, Zanotti White And Gold

Jimmy Choo Grand Leather Boot Black

Jimmy Choo Grand Leather Boot Black

but the key is to make the pictures as "exaggerated, silly and creative" as possible. One might remember the sight of Donald Trump walking down Broadway, but they'd definitely remember if they saw him juggling raccoons in front of Virgil's.

WILTON He can memorize the order of a shuffled deck of playing cards in a little more than two minutes. Give him another five minutes and he'll be able to memorize and recall the order of 120 digits, the equivalent of roughly 17 seven digit phone numbers.

Jimmy Choo Grand Leather Boot Black

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