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He is also a federal Conservative and lost a competition with Koury several years ago to be named the Conservative federal candidate.

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Swinging north to Ladysmith, Mayor Rob Hutchins is undecided about running again but he has no federal plans. Also the chair of the CVRD, Hutchins says he will make up his mind in time for other potential candidates for mayor to run good campaigns.

seeking the NDP nomination to replace her but Morrison is known to be beating the bushes behind the scene to see if he can garner enough support to make a nomination run worthwhile.

At that time it was understood he was angling to take over as the NDP candidate to replace Bill Routley as MLA for Cowichan Valley in the provincial election scheduled for May 2017. Morrison had been Routley's campaign manager in the Jimmy Choo Light Pink Shoes

If he wins the nomination, will he seek another term on council? That's an open question.

Changes recently announced in the federal boundaries for the area covering the Cowichan Valley seem to be favouring the election of a Conservative.

First, while November seems to be a long time away, the election date will creep up on us very quickly and any candidate serious about winning in the polls had better be doing some serious thinking now.

last provincial election.

Meanwhile, North Cowichan councillor John Koury has made no secret of his intention to seek the mayor's office Zanotti Slippers For Ladies in November's local elections, but that is also now up in the air.

There are at least two reasons why it is not too early to begin speculating what our local elections might look like in November.

announced he will be Jimmy Choo Glitter Trainers

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Koury is currently president of the federal constituency association and is said to be seriously considering a run to become an MP, another ambition he has held for years.

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Zanotti Slippers For Ladies

Zanotti Slippers For Ladies

Zanotti Slippers For Ladies

If Morrison does win the nomination contest, which will likely take place this year, would he also run for re election as a CVRD director?

Crowder's constituency assistant Alistair MacGregor has already Giuseppe Zanotti Wedge Sneakers Women

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Morrison has been telling supporters since last December that he intends to run again as the CVRD director.

The race got more crowded this week with the announcement that Hilary Abbott, son of prominent federal Liberal Tony Abbott, would be seeking the NDP nomination.

Barker is vice president of the Conservative constituency association. He is serious about getting the nomination himself this time around.

Then there is Dr. Martin Barker, currently a City of Duncan councillor.

First the New Democrat Ian Morrison currently the CVRD director for Cowichan Lake South/Skutz Falls.

There are three local politicians who are now seriously considering a run to win the seat two are federal Conservatives and the third is a New Democrat.

Zanotti Slippers For Ladies

´╗┐Winds of change brewing in fall election races

Zanotti Slippers For Ladies

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