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Norwood said Schneider had just re enlisted in the Air Force and used his bonus to purchase a 1957 two tone Chevy.

The B 47 crash in 1958 was covered by then Reporter News Military Editor Warren Burkett, who wrote there hadn't been an Jimmy Choo Heels Red

Jimmy Choo Mens Shoes Uk

Jimmy Choo Mens Shoes Uk

Jimmy Choo Mens Shoes Uk

"It was a very exciting day," Petree said, noting the B 47 crashed into what was then the Edgar Davis ranch and cattle feeding operation on land that used to be a part of the World War II Army Camp Barkeley.

Now the chief appraiser for the Taylor County Appraisal District, Petree said his mother, Evelyn, was a teacher at the school.

According to local historian Rob Sledge, in the late '50s Abilene was still buzzing over the athletic events of 1956, when Abilene Christian University student Bobby Morrow won three gold medals and the title of "World's Fastest Man" at the Melbourne Olympics and when Abilene High School won its third straight state football championship and "just missed doing (it) a fourth straight time in 1957."

the pasture and playground equipment she typically viewed while looking out the classroom window.

What Quiett saw on Nov. 4, 1958, was far different from Zanotti Giuseppe

Jimmy Choo Mens Shoes Uk

fragments, and parts of the plane were scattered over an area estimated to be half a mile square," a news account in that evening's Reporter News concluded.

Jimmy Choo Mens Shoes Uk

Her concern was getting her third and fourth graders to safety, not whether the plane was carrying a nuclear weapon.

Jimmy Choo Mens Shoes Uk

"It came across just ablazing," the now 72 year old Norwood said, recalling one of the three crew members who ejected from the plane was sent downward and the other two went upward.

The Air Force hasn't forgotten the crash, either. For the past two weeks, a team has been probing the crash site, searching for traces of radiation. Its findings will be turned over to the state. Highway 277, about 10 miles southwest of the booming city of Abilene. For two years, since the Air Force Base opened officially in 1956, teachers and students had grown accustomed to the B 47 jets flying over from the nearby base, which had already tragically lost four airmen in a B 47 crash in 1957.

Jimmy Choo Mens Shoes Uk

"When it came by us, we could hear the fire," he said last week. "When you're close enough to it, you can hear it roaring through the air."

"A gush of fire came toward the school," the 74 year old Quiett recalled 51 years later after a B 47 carrying an atomic bomb caught fire on takeoff from Dyess Air Force Base and crashed into a field near the Butterfield School where she taught.

Known as the Stratojet, the B 47 could carry a 4,000 pound atomic bomb.

The bomb didn't go off it couldn't go off according to the Air Force but it did cause alarm and resulted in the careful cleanup of the crash site. Three airmen ejected safely from the burning plane one did not.

In one of the classrooms at the Butterfield School was a young Richard Petree.

Jimmy Choo Mens Shoes Uk

"I think I was more scared after I learned exactly what it was," Quiett said.

"I think it was a convertible I know it was pretty," said Norwood, who remembered Schneider's vehicle remained near the control tower after his death until a family member or someone eventually picked it up.

The 70 children in the school for Caps and View children were evacuated when teachers saw the plane "heading for them," according to news accounts,

Moments later, what he labeled a "pretty good size explosion" occurred in the field about a half mile from the Butterfield School.

Jimmy Choo Mens Shoes Uk

atomic explosion and was no danger of one. However, Burkett noted, the Air Force "in the interest of safety" requested that people "stay out of the area."

Later she learned the plane had been carrying a nuclear weapon.

News of the crash was flanked by stories on the war draft, local and national voting, accusations of poison gas being launched against the "Reds," and widespread rain hitting the Lone Star State.

Norwood and other Dyess personnel raced to the crash site where the plane made a crater six feet deep and 35 feet in diameter. But the plane plowed on, cutting a swath about 100 yards long after crashing, breaking into small fragments, throwing engine parts throughout the pasture, before stopping about 150 yards from a home whose occupants were away.

´╗┐Witnesses share vivid memories

Air Force personnel checked people leaving the scene of the crash for contamination by radioactivity.

"I just remember trying to get the kids out of the door," Quiett said.

"We had to go back in and get her out," Quiett said.

"I remember it like it was yesterday," Norwood said.

Quiett remembered Evelyn Petree, who died last year Jimmy Choo Mens Shoes Uk at age 93, remaining in class with her students, unaware of what was going on.

"The plane exploded into millions of tiny Jimmy Choo Trainers Black

Jimmy Choo Mens Shoes Uk

Jimmy Choo Mens Shoes Uk

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