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A cedar closet with her wedding gown, fur coats and other heirlooms was completely engulfed.

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Designer Shoes Jimmy Choo Sale

"Believe me, you hear them if they were barking due to the open staircase, Alex Cravens said. were loud barkers."

The Cravens and their two sons, 14 and 10, moved from Texas to their home in the 900 block of Cherry Street in mid June. They bought their 9 year old brick house for two reasons, Jim said.

Insurance will likely only cover $10,000, Jim Cravens said, but the damage is extensive. The washer, dryer, furnace, hot water heater and everything else need to be replaced.

The weekend storm didn't wake Jim and Alex Cravens.

But as workers stripped their formerly finished basement to the studs on July 25, the Cravens kept replaying the events of the weekend in their heads like a nightmare on repeat.

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But even new houses have flooding problems in Winnetka. Trustees have been discussing the issue for years, and are still debating $14.1 million in recommended projects from an engineering consultant, some of which were first offered in 2009.

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Designer Shoes Jimmy Choo Sale

"They were my babies," Alex Cravens added, holding a tissue to her nose and trying to keep back the tears.

The flood water broke through an outside door and shattered a double pane window as it poured into the basement.

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While the couple and their two sons slept upstairs, the basement filled with water until it nearly reached the top step. The family never heard a bark.

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"We all loved them. It's not losing a child, but it sure feels like it," Jim Cravens said Monday, as crews worked downstairs.

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Trustee Christopher Rintz said at a recent council study session he was "surprised that we're dealing with such a substandard system," and that he worries about a possible negative effect on the village's property values "if word gets out that we're continually flooding."

hearts sank. Eight feet of water Designer Shoes Jimmy Choo Sale had submerged everything, including the three kennels containing their pets: Wickham, a Havanese; Emma, a Maltese; and Oscar, an English bulldog.

"I walked out the front door to get the newspaper and our neighbors were out on both sides, and they looked kind of shell shocked," Alex Cravens said. "They said, 'Your basement's under water.'"


Curbs were filled with furniture, boxes and toys that were ruined.

The Cravens never imagined their basement would flood especially not to the extent it did Giuseppe Zanotti Rose Gold

"We wanted to be close to the train so I could walk, and we wanted a newer house because we didn't want to deal with an older house," he said.

Their finished basement had an open staircase leading down to a family room, a guest bedroom and a storage room. Along with several boxes of items that had yet to be unpacked from their recent move, nearly everything that belonged to their sons was destroyed, except for one plastic tub of toys that happened to float on the top of the floodwater, sparing everything inside.

Basement flooding, which can be sporadic, is reported across the village after major storms, the engineering consultant's report shows.

And while their neighbor to the east reported five feet of standing water in their basement, the Cravens neighbor across the street had a bone dry basement after the storm.

"And the sump pump never stopped," Jim Cravens said.

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This week many Winnetka residents in the heart of town were still cleaning their way out of the destruction left behind during the flash flood. Disaster relief companies' trucks mingled with air conditioning companies along the tree lined residential blocks.

But when the Winnetka couple looked down the basement stairs on July 23, their Giuseppe Zanotti Over The Knee Boots

"We were never aware of a problem here," Alex Cravens said.

It was hours later that afternoon when the water level receded and a plumber helped Jim put the dogs' bodies in bags and carry them to the car.

"If I thought there was even a point zero one percent chance that there was something that could happen to them, I would have never put them down there," she said.

Cravens are heartbroken about not hearing a sound from the dogs.

Designer Shoes Jimmy Choo Sale

Designer Shoes Jimmy Choo Sale

´╗┐Winnetka family mourns loss of dogs submerged in flooded basement

Designer Shoes Jimmy Choo Sale

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