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Rayborn testified that she was with Flores Jimmy Choo Silver Pumps

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Zanotti Gold Heels

Flores said Garza "took joy" in the killings.

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Zanotti Gold Heels

"Did you think he (Flores) had something to do with this?" Joiner asked.

The next day they went to Rotan to visit Flores' grandmother.

Then she said she saw the news and found out that Moss and Moreno had been killed.

"Who did you see?" asked Assistant District Attorney Dan Joiner.

rested its case Wednesday Zanotti Gold Heels afternoon.

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One of the first witnesses to take the stand was Brent Johnson, who lived next door to Moss and Moreno, and who testified that he saw someone in the doorway when he returned home from the Lucky Mule Saloon on the night of the killings.

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Flores, 24, is charged in the July 2009 killings of Nathaniel Moss and Tina Moreno.

"I didn't stab anybody," Flores told Ford.

Finally, the prosecution played jailhouse interviews that Flores did with KTAB Jimmy Choo Abel Glitter Pumps

After presenting more evidence and witnesses during the third day of the capital murder trial of Yrineo Neal Flores, the state Giuseppe Zanotti Crystal Sandals

"He said he did not kill Nathan or Tina but he was there when it happened," Rayborn testified. "Neal told me he saw the devil come out in Santiago that night," Rayborn said.

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"He said he was going to the cemetery and that I would never see him again," Rayborn said. "I thought he was going to hurt himself."

"He told me he had messed up, and that he and Santiago could go to jail for a long time for what they did," Rayborn said.

During the taped interview with Ford, Flores said that while Garza was killing Moreno, he ran into the bathroom and threw up and stayed there until Moss entered the apartment.

Flores told Ford during the interview that while Garza was stabbing Moss, the knife broke and he used a couch cushion and sat on Moss while Garza got another knife.

"You're saying after smoking a blunt with Nate and Tina and after shots at the Lucky Mule, you can identify Mr. Flores," Young said.

"Did you choke the kids?" Ford asked, referring to Moreno's two daughters, ages 4 and 1, who were in the apartment at the time of the slayings. Moss was the father of the younger girl.

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Defense attorney John Young questioned Johnson's ability to accurately identify Flores.

Ford testified that, at first, Flores said he was at his girlfriend's house at the time of the killings. Then his story changed three times until he finally admitted to being at the scene. In one story, Flores said Moss went to the door and tried to leave but was pulled back in by Garza.

In the interviews, he admitted being at the crime scene but said he did not stab anyone or hurt the children and added that Garza had tried to hurt them. He apologized to the families of the victims.

´╗┐Witness identifies suspect at scene of Abilene killings

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Flores' girlfriend, Valerie Rayborn, also took the stand.

"I saw him," Johnson said, pointing to Flores.

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and KTXS.

"I saw someone trying to run out," Johnson said. "I saw the door swing open, a head and a leg come out and then the door slammed shut."

before the killings. the day after the killings, but she did not know what had happened. Rayborn then asked Flores what was going on.

"No, I didn't touch those kids, Flores said on the video.

Zanotti Gold Heels

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