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school on River Street, the 31 year old Palmer died from a blood clot on a trip to visit family in Boise and one of her friends decided to donate 31 pairs of mittens for the charter school's children.

It took five months and 20 balls of yarn to fulfill her pledge and this month Durfee plans to donate Jimmy Choo Shoes Gold Coast

Jimmy Choo Kitten Heels Wedding

Jimmy Choo Kitten Heels Wedding

With about 20 students each year, she started as a Kindergarten teacher and then moved up to the first grade.

"She was a Zanotti Giuseppe Shoes

Jimmy Choo Kitten Heels Wedding

Jimmy Choo Kitten Heels Wedding

TROY Tara Palmer saw her first grade students at the Ark Community Charter School come into class shivering Jimmy Choo Kitten Heels Wedding from the cold on some winter mornings and she had to help.

Jimmy Choo Kitten Heels Wedding

After five years of serving the Giuseppe Zanotti Lebanon

´╗┐woman knits mittens for students

Mary Theresa Streck, principal of the school, said, "That was a hard time for all of us the teachers and the students. We all loved her so much. The students were especially fond of her."

The Traveler's Insurance manager said she finished the mittens on April 17 and was thinking of donating the mittens in May, either before or after she gives birth to her child.

Jimmy Choo Kitten Heels Wedding

More than $13,000 has been donated so far, said Maille.

Durfee wanted to finish and donate the items before the first anniversary of Palmer's death which is Nov. 10.

Along with teaching, she went above and beyond to help her students any way she could, said Durfee who was inspired to do the same.

Jimmy Choo Kitten Heels Wedding

Jimmy Choo Kitten Heels Wedding

Jimmy Choo Kitten Heels Wedding

"She did so many things for children. She really gave of herself," said Palmer's mother, Cheryl Maille. "She would bring in hats, gloves, and mittens usually using her own money. The kids are young so they would lose them eventually and she would keep buying them."

the little mittens most of which are a size appropriate for Kindergarteners and first graders since those were classes Palmer taught.

Jimmy Choo Kitten Heels Wedding

"When I think of people dying of blood clots, I think of senior citizens and not 31 year olds," she said.

At the time of her death, donations to the school were taken in lieu of flowers and Streck said they are once again grateful to receive any donations to benefit the students.

Palmer had broke an ankle prior to a schedule airplane flight to Boise to visit her mom. She had a blood clot during the trip and died at the Minneapolis airport.

Palmer completed a graduate program at The Sage Colleges in 2003 and worked for Head Start as a pre school teacher for two years. She started at the River Street charter school in 2004.

gentle, kind spirit and loved her students," said Streck.

There are three sizes of mittens: small, small medium, and medium. Her friends and family were supportive of what she was doing and some donated yarn to the cause.

"We were at a rugby game and she told me that her students did not always have winter attire. It struck me at the time that I wanted to help and, when she died, it struck me again that this was something I could do to help," said Kara Durfee, who met Palmer when they were undergraduate students at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Durfee hopes to also do some blood clot awareness since she felt that Palmer was too young to die.

Durfee's husband, Bernie, added, "My wife works full time and is going to give birth to our first child next month yet she always found time to knit those mittens all 62 and she was determined to finish."

Jimmy Choo Kitten Heels Wedding

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