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"We appreciate the work is causing disruption to the town centre and we have taken steps to minimise this as much as possible. We also have regular meetings with traders to discuss and resolve issues Jimmy Choo Abel Gold Glitter Pump as they arise. The council has also invested in initiatives to support local businesses during the work, including a prize draw, advertising and support with rates relief.

´╗┐Wishaw solicitor blasts North Lanarkshire Council over town centre roadworks

In addition, his letter asks for an inquiry to be commissioned to identify "why, and on what basis" the project was given the go ahead and also that those responsible for the project Giuseppe Zanotti White Sandals

Paul Santoni, the managing partner at Freelands Solicitors who have a practice which is based in the town's Main Street has branded the work "a colossal waste of time and money."

the proposals with businesses, residents and shoppers. We believe it will deliver a modern, vibrant town centre which is accessible by everyone."

Mr Santoni wants the council to plough additional resources into completing the work as far as Kenilworth Avenue and then abandon the remainder of the project.

Jimmy Choo Abel Gold Glitter Pump

"Wishaw Main Street is meant to be a through road to Carluke and Law. It's Zanotti Shoes Women

Jimmy Choo Abel Gold Glitter Pump

now so significantly narrowed that when buses are parked other road users will not be able to pass."

"What's worse, I believe this project is going to result in traffic carnage.

"Irrespective of how many signs you put up stating 'open as usual', how many people want to spend their shopping time going up and down a building site?

He said: "It has always been my view that these works were going to be injurious to the various businesses on the Main Street and that the alleged improvement would be massively outweighed by the problems and cost of the transition. I believe it's now got to a tipping point where it is positively injurious to local businesses, the local population and the town centre. The execution of the project is so fundamentally flawed that it will render the Main Street almost impractical to use after its conclusion."

A respected Wishaw solicitor has called for an independent inquiry into North Lanarkshire Council's implementation of the town centre streetscape project.

"Who wants to hear the constant noise of building machinery? It's oppressive. The operators wear ear protection but no one else does."

"It has been hopelessly and completely misconceived in every material respect and will likely result in the almost complete destruction of the Main Street for commercial purposes and any business which remains on it."

Now, almost one year on and with Main Street businesses having to endure ever decreasing footfall and profits, Mr Santoni has called for an independent enquiry to establish why the project was commissioned in the first place.

The respected solicitor is also critical of what he calls a "lack of urgency" to complete the work.

The frustrated businessman fumed: "Having watched this project unfold since last year, it is my honest belief that it will provide no real improvement or tangible benefit.

Jimmy Choo Abel Gold Glitter Pump

He continued: "The work outside our office was meant to conclude last month. Without discussion this appears to have been extended for another month.

Jimmy Choo Abel Gold Glitter Pump

"The last thing anyone who is 'public passing dependent' needs is this disruption.

He went on: "The council were repeatedly warned about the detrimental effect this would have on businesses. These warnings were ignored.

"Numerous businesses are closed and every single one remaining is showing and complaining of a marked downturn in business.

Paul Santoni in Wishaw Main Street

The solicitor has been an outspoken opponent of the town centre streetscape project since work started last April.

Jimmy Choo Abel Gold Glitter Pump

Jimmy Choo Abel Gold Glitter Pump

In a letter to North Lanarkshire Provost Jim Robertson, Mr Santoni has urged a prompt completion of the existing work up to Kenilworth Avenue, followed by a cessation of the project.

Lorna Bowden, business manager of strategic planning said: "The objectives of the Wishaw streetscape project have been clear from the outset: to create a more attractive, less congested location for shoppers and visitors and boost the local economy. A key part of the project is to change the level of the road to remove the high steps to the pavement. This will make it easier for people with wheelchairs and buggies to move around the town centre and access the shops and facilities.

Jimmy Choo Abel Gold Glitter Pump

"be held fully accountable".

"The work is part of the council's multi million pound commitment to Wishaw through the town centre action plan and we consulted widely on Jimmy Choo Abel Glitter Shoes

Jimmy Choo Abel Gold Glitter Pump

Jimmy Choo Abel Gold Glitter Pump

Jimmy Choo Abel Gold Glitter Pump

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