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The Tennessee Department of Education limits how many foreign exchange students can attend high schools to five per year. Williamson County adheres to that cap and is seeing an increase in student visitors.

Host families do not get paid. Students come with their own spending money, but the host family is responsible for providing housing Jimmy Choo Low Heel Wedding Shoes

Brentwood High School maxed out with five such students this school year. And for 2014 15, three Williamson high schools are already booked, and administrators expect more applications.

"It's very rewarding," Smiley said. "Every year it's hard to send them home."

The nonprofit Council on Standards for International Educational Travel, or CSIET, was created 30 years ago to oversee youth exchange agencies. It has approved nearly 80 agencies across the United States.

"I want to be cautious that we're not putting children in a bad situation," Wright said. "I may just be jaded with my past experience, but if we have kids going (abroad), the expectation is that they are going to be taken care of, too."In Tennessee the Department of Education allows up to five foreign exchange students to attend a single public high school. Typically, each student stays with a host family for about 10 months.

Jimmy Choo Miami Trainers Uk

They hear it all, Page says, "from the serious to the 'we don't like what we're getting for dinner.' "

teen was not having the positive American experience she had expected and been promised, said Wright, who is now assistant superintendent of Williamson County Schools and in line to become director of Wilson County Schools.

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Smiley explained that there are safeguards in place to protect the students. There are several orientations over the course of a year, and a team of about 50 volunteers in the Nashville area meet with the students once a month. Many go beyond that, taking them to lunch so that students can speak freely, she said.

She's aware that issues do come up. The family and the student can be a bad match. Jimmy Choo Miami Trainers Uk Mostly, problems can be attributed to cultural differences. Sarcasm is a big problem, and this is where a liaison comes in handy to explain and give perspective.

Jimmy Choo Miami Trainers Uk

Jimmy Choo Miami Trainers Uk

Page steers clear of the word "enforcement," but it is CSIET that steps in to handle difficult issues. Often it is a function of the match between the student and the family, he said. She's hosted students from Germany, Austria and Sweden, and is now hosting a student from Liberia.

CSIET evaluates and assesses programs by standards created by the industry and essentially accredits them, placing them on a special list that has the organization's backing. It also contends with complaints, says Chris Page, CSIET executive director.

FRANKLIN Donna Wright knew she had a problem on her hands when a Japanese foreign exchange student attending school in the previous district she worked for began missing classes and was prone to tears.

Communication issues the girl's grasp of English was limited compounded the problem, Wright said. Eventually, educators discovered that the girl was serving more as a nanny and a housekeeper for her host family than experiencing life as an American teen.

"We want the exchange, but we don't want anyone we can't vet or who doesn't Jimmy Choo Heels

Jimmy Choo Miami Trainers Uk

Jimmy Choo Miami Trainers Uk

have good intentions," said Wright, who has proposed an amendment to Williamson County's policy that would require foreign exchange students to receive approval by the superintendent of schools as an extra layer of protection.

´╗┐Williamson aims to protect foreign

Jimmy Choo Miami Trainers Uk

Host parents Tony and Jackie Smiley play a game of Beat the Parents with Lincoln Ninneh, their foreign exchange student, and their son Jon at their home in Nolensville.(Photo: photos by George Walker IV / The Tennessean)

Jimmy Choo Miami Trainers Uk

The problem, she says, is cropping up across the country as youth exchange agencies get more aggressive trying to land host families without properly vetting them. In the case of the Japanese teen, both the agency and the district were duped, she said.

and food. And students are expected to become part of the family, Smiley said. This means they may be responsible for some of the chores in the house. The student in her home chose to wash dishes, she said.

Foreign exchange students in Tennessee

Jimmy Choo Miami Trainers Uk

If this seems like an anomaly, it's not, Wright says.

Jimmy Choo Miami Trainers Uk

Jimmy Choo Miami Trainers Uk

Jimmy Choo Miami Trainers Uk

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