Giuseppe Zanotti Python

Giuseppe Zanotti Python

Giuseppe Zanotti Python

this is used primarily for video chat or self portraits; and again, it's nothing too special.


The rubbery material on the back of the phone provides a decent grip, and overall, while it's not the sturdiest Giuseppe Zanotti Python of all smartphones, it's still well made and should withstand the usual amount of abuse and spills a phone might take.

While I wasn't too big on the new crop of Windows Phone offerings when they first came out a couple years back, I must admit that Windows 8, especially the tile setup out front that gives you quick access to your favorite apps and features, and live updating tiles, is starting to grow on me. Once you figure out how to use it and make your most common features quickly accessible, it's as easy to use as most Android or Apple phone offerings.

The front facing camera is 2.1 megapixels, and features an 88 degree ultra wide angle; Giuseppe Zanotti Rose Gold

The other nice feature about Windows Phone devices is their strong integration with other Microsoft products (such as Outlook, Office, OneNote, SharePoint,SkyDrive, Xbox), if you are invested in the Microsoft ecosystem.

That dedicated camera button is much better than what I've seen on many phones where they want you to tap the screen to take a picture. That just isn't natural with how we are trained to take pictures. So I like the dedicated button.

Giuseppe Zanotti Python

Giuseppe Zanotti Python

Giuseppe Zanotti Python

Giuseppe Zanotti Python

Giuseppe Zanotti Python

Windows Phone 8X delivers in this department, with dimensions of 5.21 (H) x 2.61 (W) x 0.40 (D) inches. The weight is 4.66 oz.

My test phone was an attractive blue color on the back and on the front border, but there are also black and red options from Verizon if that suits your tastes more.

One of the camera features that I like the most on the Windows Phone 8X is more of a design feature and that is the button on the side of the phone that works as a camera shutter.

Giuseppe Zanotti Python

One demand that smartphone buyers today have is that their phones are thin and light. Gone are the thick, heavy phones of the past, and even big screen phones are low in the ounce count these days.

´╗┐Windows Phone 8X is best Windows Phone offering yet

Giuseppe Zanotti Python

You get a 8MP auto focus rear facing camera with flash, and photos were decent though not the best I've seen on newer smartphones. Sharing your photos to social networking sites on online storage like Skydrive is very easy.

One thing Giuseppe Zanotti June

Giuseppe Zanotti Python

For those of you with kids who like to use your phone, a feature called Kid's Corner gives them access only to the aspects of the phone you choose to give them access to.

I do like about the camera is how you can instantly launch the camera, even from a locked screen, by pressing the shutter button on the side of your phone so a shorter delay before Giuseppe Zanotti Wing Heels

If you're into cloud storage of your files, SkyDrive keeps your items online and they are accessible from any device that can access the Internet.

Giuseppe Zanotti Python

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