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She took her dogs for their morning walk and when she came back, took out her drawer to arrange the items and look for the bra and noticed she only had four pairs of underwear.

She was out the entire day, but noticed the next day while doing laundry that she couldn find the bra she was wanting to wear.

But Spofford stated she hadn't even been aware there had been a break in until at least 24 hours after the Giuseppe Zanotti Chain Sneakers

Spofford immediately phoned police, who arrived quickly and searched through the home to make sure the suspect wasn still inside.

"It wasn there when I left. Somebody came in."

"On the floor of the closet was the bra Jimmy Choo Rain Boots Ebay that had been taken" in the July break in, she said. "It was in plain sight and was laying on a pair of shoes I had recently worn.

The officer asked Spofford if one of her dogs had had an accident, but she stated definitely not.

she was preparing for a trip.

Jimmy Choo Rain Boots Ebay

Though police said they would take a sample of the liquid, they didn husband arrived home quickly and thought he Jimmy Choo Trainers Sale Womens

When the random break and enter occurred in July, she was shaken up, but since the suspect broke in again in September and returned a bra that had been stolen she is an emotional wreck.

Spofford admits she hadn't locked her back door when the second break in took place on Sept. 9.

Jimmy Choo Rain Boots Ebay

Jimmy Choo Rain Boots Ebay

Jimmy Choo Rain Boots Ebay

Spofford knew the items should be in the drawer but just to make sure, she checked everywhere else in her room including a backpack on the floor which Pink Jimmy Choo Trainers

The Baltimore woman has come forward to say she was one of the three victims in the recent Northumberland area home break ins in which undergarments were stolen.

Since the first break in she has a routine in which she checks her room and drawers to make sure everything is in place. on this day, something was different.

Jimmy Choo Rain Boots Ebay

When she picked it up, Spofford could smell men cologne.

While searching through the residence, police found a puddle of clear fluid on the floor near the living room.

Jimmy Choo Rain Boots Ebay

would check the backyard and saw fresh foot tracks in the morning dew.

"My underwear drawer was a mess, with everything out of place," she said.

"I was in shock, because I had only been gone for 30 to 35 minutes and somebody is watching me," she said.

Jimmy Choo Rain Boots Ebay

On the morning of July 24 Spofford took her dogs for a walk, then came back home.

"It was dumb; I admit it," she said.


It the fear of the unknown that worries Tammy Spofford.

Items that she had left inside had been removed from the knapsack.

Jimmy Choo Rain Boots Ebay

Jimmy Choo Rain Boots Ebay

Police told her she should have reported the incident right away. They even mentioned that break ins and undergarment thefts was how murderers Russell Williams and Paul Bernardo started.

Jimmy Choo Rain Boots Ebay

´╗┐Woman shaken

After thinking more about what had happened and knowing her immediate neighbours weren home at the time the break in happened, she phoned the police on Friday, July 26 to report the incident.


Jimmy Choo Rain Boots Ebay

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