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The park district had no luck obtaining two state grants for the work, Balling said.

most in need to a facelift, said Robert Quill, superintendent of leisure services for the park district.

The Glenview Park District recently wrapped up the bulk of the Willow Park renovations, which included new playground equipment and a remodeling of the 40 year old field house. May 6.

Outside, though, the new playground area was what had parents talking. Joseph and Pollak, who were at the park with their children, said they liked the fence built around the playground. With just one access point, it would help keep children from wandering off when parents turned their heads for a second, Joseph said.

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Jimmy Choo Kitten Heels Sale

Jimmy Choo Kitten Heels Sale

Jimmy Choo Kitten Heels Sale

The organization provided about $100,000 to help fund the renovations, and the association's charitable foundation also contributed $100,000, Balling said. The Glenview Park Foundation and the Glenview Park District funded the work at the same level, he added.

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He said all the park district's field houses were built in a similar fashion: With a small kitchen, restrooms and one main room opening directly to the outside.

The field house addition, though, includes a vestibule at the entrance that will help keep inclement weather out of the main room, he said.

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Park district officials said the North Suburban Special Recreation Association, an intergovernmental cooperative that serves children with special needs, is planning to use Willow Park for more of its programming.

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´╗┐Willow Park renovation wraps up

The work at Willow Park, 2600 Greenwood Road, is part of an ongoing effort to revamp Giuseppe Zanotti Skate Shoes

One of the park district's main goals was to make the facilities at Willow Park more accessible for people with disabilities, he said.

"All the equipment's safe. For a mom, this is awesome," Pollak said, pressing her foot on the soft playground surface."

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district officials anticipate a spike in use of the facilities, workers installed a new heating and air conditioning system in the field house, Quill said. He said the Willow Park field house is the first in Glenview to have air conditioning.

As Kim Pollak and Sheri Joseph's children played on the equipment at Willow Park on a recent morning, the moms admired the recent renovations to the park.

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The field house was expanded by about 500 square feet, bringing the size to about 2,100 square feet, Quill said.

A few parks were previously upgraded, but Willow Park, built in the 1970s, was one of the oldest and Jimmy Choo Miami Trainers Silver

aging neighborhood parks, said Chuck Balling, executive director of the Glenview Park District.

"We have 13 field houses throughout the community in Glenview. Many of them are in need of renovation," Balling said.

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"Whatever the weather is comes in with you," Qill Jimmy Choo Kitten Heels Sale said.

"When you think about it, a facility built in the 1970s there was no such thing as the ADA," Quill said, referring to the Americans With Disabilities Act, which became law in 1990.

Jimmy Choo Kitten Heels Sale

Jimmy Choo Kitten Heels Sale

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