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Because of her injury everyday things like getting dressed and having a bath have been impossible without help from her family. have had to depend massively on them she said.

and spent a month there.

She said that she does not hold Lee or his fitness team in any way responsible. was a freak accident from my condition, she said.

But Charlotte believes she may know why it happened.

Jimmy Choo Isabel Pump Gold

It was two weeks before she was able to move her leg which had been numb since the accident.

Jimmy Choo Isabel Pump Gold

Jimmy Choo Isabel Pump Gold

´╗┐Woman broke back in freak gym accident

She said: want to make people aware of how debilitating Crohn can be if you don look after yourself and if you don stick to your diet. also admitted she had been the gym lately which she said may have weakened her back.

a trauma nurse I knew that something was wrong. I was in agony: I have never known pain like it. owner Lee Butterwoth, 35, who saw what happened, added: bent down to do the exercise and the next thing she was screaming in pain.

Jimmy Choo Isabel Pump Gold

could tell it was excruciating and she was squeezing my arm. incident happened on November 24 but Charlotte had been too unwell to speak to the News Star until now.

Lee said that a personal trainer from Xtreme Fitness would work with her physiotherapist to aid her recovery whenever she is ready.

from Crohn to seek advice before joining a gym.

and takes strong painkillers every day.

Charlotte is wearing a body brace Jimmy Choo Trainers Selfridges

Jimmy Choo Isabel Pump Gold

Charlotte is now taking vitamins and minerals to make sure her body is getting the nutrients it needs. She has been told to rest and will not start physiotherapy until doctors have finished their tests.

Charlotte thanked her sister Katie and mother Julie, her father Anton and step father David for all their help. She also thanked brother Anton, her uncle Jim and her sister in law Victoria and gym owner Lee.

But she did advise anyone suffering Jimmy Choo Sandals

Jimmy Choo Isabel Pump Gold

Charlotte, of Northumberland Street, said: were on the first event, which was flipping tyres, and as I went down to pick it up I heard and felt this pop.

She was diagnosed with Crohn disease an inflammatory bowel condition which makes it difficult for her to absorb the calcium and vitamins Jimmy Choo Isabel Pump Gold needed to strengthen bones.

Jimmy Choo Isabel Pump Gold

Jimmy Choo Isabel Pump Gold

It is not clear yet whether she will need an operation.

She was taken to the West Cumberland Hospital Zanotti Giuseppe Sneakers

thought I wasn going to get movement back and my Mum and Dad were in tears she said.

Charlotte O had been about to do a tyre flip an exercise that involves turning over a huge tyre on the ground when she heard a sickening 26 year old fitness enthusiast from Workington was in an outdoor exercise class at Xtreme Fitness in Lillyhall when she experienced sudden excruciating pain in her lower back. The injury also left her paralysed in one leg.

Test are still being carried out to establish the underlying cause of the injury.

Jimmy Choo Isabel Pump Gold

Jimmy Choo Isabel Pump Gold

Jimmy Choo Isabel Pump Gold

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