Zanotti High Tops

Zanotti High Tops

But the show went on, blending cartoon style inflatable domes, spectacular ballroom dancing amid towering imperial columns, and giant avant garde shapes hovering above symbols of revolution and upheaval in a sweep through Russian history.

Zanotti High Tops

Security analysts believe that an attack is in fact more likely elsewhere in Russia to humiliate Putin, who launched a war to crush a Chechen rebellion in 1999.

In an embarrassing early technical glitch, one of the five Olympic rings suspended high above the stage failed to unfurl, meaning that the giant structure could not be illuminated by fireworks as planned.

SOCHI, Russia, Feb 7 (Reuters) Russia's Winter Olympics officially got underway on the Black Sea coast on Friday with a grandiose opening ceremony that President Vladimir Putin hoped would dispel fears of militant attacks and a row over gay rights that marred the buildup.

"Yes, it is possible even as competitors to live together under one roof in harmony, with tolerance and without any form of discrimination for whatever reason," he said beneath a fluttering Russian flag.

Zanotti High Tops

Putin was joined at the ceremony by leaders from China, Japan and about 40 other countries in a show of support despite international anger over Russia's "gay propaganda" law passed last year, which critics say curtails the rights of homosexuals. delegation includes openly gay representatives.


Zanotti High Tops

Some 37,000 security personnel are on high alert in Sochi over threats by Islamist militant groups based in the nearby north Caucasus region to attack the Feb. 7 23 Games, the most expensive ever staged at an estimated cost of $50 billion.

Zanotti High Tops

Zanotti High Tops

they say are taking place on land seized from Caucasus tribes in the 19th century.

Zanotti High Tops

Putin says legislation banning the promotion of gay propaganda among minors is designed to protect young people, and has stressed that homosexuals would not face discrimination at the Olympics.

Twin suicide bombings killed at least 34 people in December in Volgograd, 400 miles (700 km) northeast of Zanotti Red

In a speech at the opening ceremony, International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach called for an inclusive Games.

´╗┐Winter Games open in Sochi amid fireworks

safe and successful Games in the resort town of Sochi, where a colourful, sometimes muddled show before 40,000 spectators at the gleaming Fisht Stadium signalled the start of full sporting competition.

Zanotti High Tops

"I declare the 22nd Winter Olympic Games open," said Putin, launching an event he has personally overseen and expects will burnish Russia's, Zanotti High Tops and his own, image on the world stage.

Despite a "ring of steel" around venues, Russian forces fear a woman suspected of planning a suicide bombing may have slipped through.

Zanotti High Tops

Zanotti High Tops

As the ceremony unfolded, a security scare aboard a passenger plane flying from Ukraine to Turkey underlined concerns that the Games could be targeted, although the exact circumstances were not immediately clear.


Separatist guerrillas seeking an independent Islamic state in Chechnya and neighbouring regions of southern Russia have vowed to disrupt the Olympics, which Jimmy Choo Glitter Pumps Abel

Fireworks filled the sky above the Olympic park surrounding the arena in a rousing finale to a show that drew heavily on Russia's rich heritage of classical music, literature and dance.

Putin has staked his reputation on hosting a Giuseppe Zanotti Suede Ankle Boots

The passenger was believed to have drunk alcohol and was calmed down by the crew and persuaded to let the plane land in Istanbul, according to Dogan news agency. Transportation Security Administration had temporarily banned carry on liquids, aerosols, gels and powders on flights between Russia and the United States.


The United States issued a warning on Wednesday to airports and some airlines flying to Russia for the Olympics to watch for toothpaste tubes that could hold ingredients to make a bomb on board a plane.

Turkey scrambled an F 16 fighter jet to accompany a plane carrying 110 passengers arriving in Istanbul after a bomb threat was made by a passenger demanding to go to the Winter Olympics venue of Sochi, Turkish officials said.

As he spoke, gay rights activists said Russian police had detained activists who tried to protest on Moscow's Red Square and in St Petersburg.

Zanotti High Tops

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