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be hugely (expensive) like $12 million. Why should all the residents of Nova Scotia be paying to relocate an airport when we have a Jimmy Choo Miami Trainers Gold perfectly good, functioning airport?"

While campaigning in Giuseppe Zanotti Zebra Sneakers

Jimmy Choo Miami Trainers Gold

"I'm not prepared to Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes With Bow

He said it's important to work together as provincial, municipal and business organizations to make sure that doesn't happen.

"We can try to have a win win here."

´╗┐win' on Kings County airport

Jimmy Choo Miami Trainers Gold

"It employs a lot of people and it just seems not quite right the way it has progressed. I know the relocation of the airport is going to Jimmy Choo Bridal Sale Uk

Jimmy Choo Miami Trainers Gold

"It has ramifications all across," McNeil said. "People want to see the development and jobs at Michelin, but they want to make sure they don't lose the wide variety of activities that are happening at that airport now."

Jimmy Choo Miami Trainers Gold

Rouleau said she felt there was too much uncertainty about whether or not Michelin would actually need the land.

Jimmy Choo Miami Trainers Gold

Kings Citizens Coalition has asked the Municipality of Kings and the towns of Berwick, Wolfville and Kentville to partner on a study on regional services. Money could be available from Service Nova Scotia to assist with the cost.

Jimmy Choo Miami Trainers Gold

McNeil said he's interested in what happens to the second busiest airport in the province and that he has learned more about the Waterville airport during the campaign.

"If we get the privilege to govern in the province, we would meet with (Brothers) to make sure those using the airport have a venue, while making sure Michelin also has a future here for any possible growth in Kings County."

So far, McNeil is the only party leader to respond to a request from Warden Diana Brothers' for a meeting on the matter sent to all three major parties.

Jimmy Choo Miami Trainers Gold

Jimmy Choo Miami Trainers Gold

Kentville's Centre Square Sept. The county and province would like to see it moved to make way for a potential future expansion by the Michelin plant.

be partner in a study that ends up sitting on a shelf. If we're going to do the regional municipal study, then we go by what the results are and we start implementing it."

Jimmy Choo Miami Trainers Gold

"I would be happy to participate in any study (on regional government) on one condition and that condition is that we fulfill whatever the report says," he explained.

Rouleau whose husband does some part time work at the airport said it's an important issue for her.

"We had a commitment to sit down with the municipality and all stakeholders to ensure we come to the proper conclusion," McNeil said.

Jimmy Choo Miami Trainers Gold

Jimmy Choo Miami Trainers Gold

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