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The Holder family left Great Falls, Montana, a few years ago for Whitefish, where David began filming hunts with his son. That led to the locally produced hunting show, "Above The Rest Outdoors."

Eventually, four networks were interested in the show including A which currently airs "Duck Dynasty."

CDT June 6, 2014

In the show, viewers not only will learn about the art of hunting, they'll see all four Holder family members take part in various hunts.

"The one that came out of nowhere was A The first question the guy asked me was 'What is going on between you and your wife? Tell me something you don't like about each other,' " he recalled. "I was like, 'I can see this is going to turn into some reality TV. I'm not interested in that.' "

Zanotti Gold Shoes

Story Highlights"Raised Hunting" isn going to just be a show about how to properly stalk and shoot animals.

Looking through old photo albums, one thing stands out Zanotti Biker Boots

Zanotti Gold Shoes

Zanotti Gold Shoes

It's not just the hunting in Iowa that has satisfied the family. "We've been here a year and a half, but we have friends we feel like we've known forever. We're home. There's no other state I need to live in," David said. They've lived in Virginia, Montana, and now Iowa.

Zanotti Gold Shoes

It's not just your average hunting show, and it's not a reality TV drama or who can say the most controversial thing. and Canada.

"Before I could write my name, my dad had me shooting a bow."

The Holders were in Montana for the filming of the first few episodes a few shows will focus on hunts in Iowa and a few on hunts in Montana. They also traveled to Canada and Nebraska for filming. Each episode will start and end in their Iowa home.

as a constant theme in the Holder family the outdoors.

"I was just looking through old photos. You see Karin pushing the jogging stroller over a mountain over by the Little Belts," David said. "Easton is on my back and Warren is in the stroller. Saturdays beginning July 5.

Winterset, Ia., where they're shooting their show, "Raised Hunting." The series will begin airing on the Outdoor Channel mornings beginning July 5.(Photo: Special to the Register)

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The Holders were in Montana for the filming of the first few episodes a few will focus on hunts in Iowa and a few on hunts in Montana. They also traveled to Canada and Nebraska.

Zanotti Gold Shoes

"We were taking the boys hiking with us in the mountains of Montana when they were really little," Karin said. "There were many challenging moments when they wanted to stop, and the soft mother waits for them and pushes them along in that regard. It's definitely something that has taught them to keep going when times get tough."

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Zanotti Gold Shoes

Raised Hunting 2013 Promo from Modern Legacy Productions, MLP on Vimeo.

"It's an incredible feeling," Karin said. "It warms my heart, the fact that I get to spend that time with my boys. They're teenagers (Warren is Zanotti Sneakers Low

The Holders now live in Jimmy Choo Hunter Boots Ebay

Zanotti Gold Shoes

"He put together a promo reel and returned it to us. He captured what we're trying to tell people," David said.

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When David and Karin Holder's children were young, they played in the beautiful backdrop of central Montana. It was a playground for the boys, Warren and Easton.

Unhappy with the production because "it looked like just another hunting show," David sought the help of a professional editor.

With their new national show, they wanted to be in the center of the nation. The family home is located just south of Winterset, where it's close enough to Des Moines but far enough out where "it's still country," David said. The family loves bowhunting turkeys and whitetail Zanotti Gold Shoes deer.

"(My dad) was always going to bring us (hunting," Warren said. "That had a huge impact on me. It became a lifestyle and not a hobby. It was how I was raised."

´╗┐Winterset family targets Outdoor Channel show

18 and Easton 13) and mom is with them and doing what they're doing and keeping up with them or helping them in any way I can."

The Outdoor Channel quickly swooped in and requested a pilot episode, and Scheels came on board as a sponsor.

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