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Jimmy Choo Sandals Sale Uk

´╗┐Woman concerned over sister's care

Jimmy Choo Sandals Sale Uk

Wong's concerns initially focused on the food her sister was eating, how it was paid for, access to her sister's bank account, and who was actually eating the food purchased by staff with Kim money. The concerns grew to include staff's comments about her vulnerable sister which created anxiety for Kim, along with two alleged attempts to displace Wong's position in holding her sister's power of attorney, according to Wong.

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The Cobourg businesswoman said she wants to let others know her experience because these are services provided for very vulnerable people who can not all speak for themselves.

"I can't answer specifics. This is about people's lives," Brown said.

Brown said she could not discuss a particular individual due to privacy policies.

Wong also said she told Community Living she would do the food shopping for her sister, instead of staff, and that she didn't need "shopping lists" provided by staff because she and Kim communicate well with each other.

After lodging two internal complaints, Wong said, she went to the Ministry of Community and Social Services and then to the Ombudsman's office. An investigator has spoken to her and to others, she said, and she is awaiting the results from the Ombudsman's office. Before taking those steps this past spring, however, Peng said, she relocated her sister to ensure there would be no reprisals.

Wong said complaints to staff resulted in remarks made about her sister being hungry, eating too much (Kim began to think that she might be getting Jimmy Choo Shoes Spring 2016

Jimmy Choo Sandals Sale Uk

Her father is currently in a nursing home and in July 2012, Kim was moved from a retirement facility into Keystone House, sharing a room with one other person. She remained at Keystone until early spring 2013, Wong said. The home included three other residents in addition to Kim and her roommate.

She did, however, say Community Living has been accredited since 2000 and identified through that process "as providing quality supports and services for people with intellectual (developmental) disabilities."

Wong describes her sister as mobile, able to feed and dress herself, "high functioning," intellectually delayed and legally blind since her high school years.

Jimmy Choo Sandals Sale Uk

Peng Wong of Cobourg has complained to the Office of the Ombudsman in Ontario about the way she says her intellectually delayed and blind sister, Kim, was treated during the 49 year old woman's stay at Keystone House.

"The interviews with employees determined that Kim has a healthy appetite. She comes from a retirement home environment where there was a variety of food served during each meal. It is believed Jimmy Choo Anouk Pumps Comfortable

Brown acknowledged the existence of the November 2012 report undertaken in response to Wong complaints but would not discuss its contents, reiterating only that proper protocols were followed.

Wong stressed that her issue is with Community Living Campbellford / Brighton which provides the support services and staffing for the five bed house in Cobourg which was designed to provide a home for developmentally challenged adults whose parents are no longer able to look after them.

Jimmy Choo Sandals Sale Uk

The report did, however, find that Kim's diet was different at Keystone House compared to what she ate at the retirement home. She told staff she wanted different kinds of foods and those were put on the shopping list presented to Wong. And the report included staff saying that Kim said she was hungry and wanted more to eat.

Jimmy Choo Sandals Sale Uk

Jimmy Choo Sandals Sale Uk

that because Kim was used to variety, she continued to ask for it receiving larger amounts that she would have at the retirement home," the report stated.

too heavy based on these comments and she was worried, Wong said) and was also told that there wasn't enough food in her section of the refrigerator. 14, 2012

She also found that staff had used her sister's bank card without her being there.

"It is very possible, as stated earlier in this report, that Kim could overhear those conversations (about food concerns and her sister's intervention) and become upset and anxious as a result."

She did provide this, however, and said that she ensured there was always a balance of $100 in the account. But then she reviewed the expenditures and receipts, in light of that fact that she also provided additional food from the restaurant and had her sister weekly for dinner, and couldn't understand how $402.56 had been spent in 10 weeks. The quantities of some food items seemed excessive, Wong said, including six pounds of margarine, 12 loaves of bread, 16 litres of milk, 28 litres of juice, and two cases of pop her sister never even saw.

It has been in the community doing that kind of work for 53 years, she said.

Kim is much happier in her new home, Wong said.

"They swore up and down she ate all that food," Wong said.

Jimmy Choo Sandals Sale Uk

Keystone House is a new housing and service model for developmentally challenged individuals and when staff asked for access to Kim's Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers Womens Sale

Lee complaint investigation report supported some of Wong's complaints. Among its conclusions:

"All of the protocols have been followed," Community Living Campbellford / Brighton and Keystone Community Support Corporation executive director Nancy Brown countered during an interview about the complaints leveled by Wong.

In 2010 when Wong father was diagnosed with dementia and other health issues, both he and Kim, who had lived at home with him all her life, had to be relocated into homes with appropriate services, Wong said. She was working full time running a restaurant at the D Street location at which her family had run a convenience store for several decades. Wong is also a certified general accountant.

bank account in order to purchase food for her, in addition to rental fees, Wong was startled.

"Although this investigation could not produce evidence, it is believed that one or more employees may have been using some of Kim's milk in their coffee. "This investigation confirmed that a CLCB employee used a bank machine on Kim's behalf, while she was not present. This is unacceptable and should not be tolerated. "During this investigation Kim indicated that an employee told her that she would be living off crackers, cookies and macaroni and cheese" and was concerned that she didn't have enough to eat.

"Even though a number of employees reported staff no longer keep their food or drink in Kim's fridge, this investigation found evidence of such Jimmy Choo Sandals Sale Uk on more than one occasion. This is unacceptable given all of the circumstances. Kim is blind and she should be supported to be familiar with her property and her surroundings. Putting foreign items in her space is NOT a good support practice and should not be tolerated. Also, Kim or her sister could mistake support staff's food for hers and therefore have an inaccurate inventory of what Kim does or does not have there."

Jimmy Choo Sandals Sale Uk

Jimmy Choo Sandals Sale Uk

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