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Don't tell me that she didn't have the option of obtaining another medical opinion from a female doctor, as if there are none available. If anyone blames her for her own personal / religious beliefs or idiosyncrasies, they should first look in the Giuseppe Zanotti Chain Sneakers

Jimmy Choo Gold Cowboy Boots

Jimmy Choo Gold Cowboy Boots

´╗┐Woman loses CSST after refusing to remove veil for medical exam

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"When we have to do a physical examination, we have to be in the best conditions to do so," he says. "If it's not possible to have a visual examination of some parts of the body, it could be difficult to finalize a diagnosis."

be noted that when coming to Canada you will be asked by law to show your face in certain situations. That way there will be no confusion.

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To give up money you Jimmy Choo Gold Cowboy Boots need, to feed your family, just because of some made up dogmas. This is not logical.

Without commenting specifically on the case, Dr. Yves Robert of the Quebec College of Physicians said a thorough diagnosis is an essential part of a medical evaluation.

The CSST Commissioner ruled that the woman hampered the review by refusing to remove her veil after implicitly agreeing to undergo an examination to verify the injury.

Jimmy Choo Gold Cowboy Boots

Jimmy Choo Gold Cowboy Boots

Photo Credit: Martin Chamberland, La Presse

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Where is the sense!!!

La Presse reports that the doctor offered to bring a nurse in to act as a witness for the examination but the woman refused again, so he refused to sign off on the examination citing his need to carry out a proper medical examination.

mirror and ask themselves if they would equally blame a woman for insisting on having a female gynecologist or a man a male urologist whether they be Muslim, Catholic or an atheist. Come on people! Be reasonable and flexible enough to live by the "Vivre et laissez vivre" doctrine.

In this climate of course this will make news. I agree with the CSST on this one because sometimes the doctor relies on the expression that the patient makes when he is handling a injury, and in this case he could not see this, and on top of that they did not even know it was the same person. I am against the Charter of Racism, but maybe to avoid this situation it should Jimmy Choo Ladies Shoes Uk

What about all the women that don't where veils? Are they all going to hell?

A tribunal has upheld a Worker Healthy and Safety Board decision to stop compensation payments to a Muslim woman who refused to remove her veil for a doctor's examination.

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Bouchra Berrada suffered a broken wrist and injured shoulder in 2012, while on the job as a daycare worker.

in was a multicultural society where we all broke bread together, Palestinian and Jew played hockey together as did the french and English. Pauline has lead our province down a road a division we have not scene since the FLQ crisis. As Quececers we need to stand together and pit a stop to this. As Canadians we need to Stand with Quebec and let them know they are an important part of the fabric of what makes up Canada, Things are becoming very UN Canadian. O'Canada how do we find our way back home?

What about if someone slugs her on the head? Is she suppose to die?

And here we have one of the reason why, the "Charter" is popular.

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Am i the only one that read what her injuries were? What does removing her head dress have to do with her wrist or shoulder. What would you say to the doctor who asked your wife to remove her bra so he could check her sprained ankle? This is about respect and abuse of power. Her Doctor felt she should be off work, So CSST gets their doctor to do a follow up. Sounds like a conflict of interest to me. Allow her to see a third party independent doctor. As a former Quebecer I am beginning to be ashamed to say I am from Quebec. The Quebec I grew up Jimmy Choo Pumps Nordstrom

Jimmy Choo Gold Cowboy Boots

Jimmy Choo Gold Cowboy Boots

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