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Before the start of the trial Isleworth Crown Court in west London heard the sisters claim they had a "tacit understanding" with the 53 year old domestic goddess Jimmy Choo Shoes Uk Sale

The first witness today is Saatchi's finance director, Rahul Gajjar.

The sisters were also offered rent free accommodation at Nigella's plush Battersea flat to enable them survive on their reduced wages.

Jimmy Choo Ankle Boots Uk

Jimmy Choo Ankle Boots Uk

He told the court that Saatchi's personal assistants were employed by and paid for by Conarco.

Following a break for lunch Mr Gajjar told jurors that after the Grillo sisters rejected the offer, they met Giuseppe Zanotti Royal Blue

that they could spend what they liked as long as they didn't "shop" her to her husband over her alleged use of drugs.

Jimmy Choo Ankle Boots Uk

with Charles Saatchi.

Prosecutor Jane Carpenter asked what kinds of jobs the assistants would undertake. Mr Gajjar replied: "It could be personal matters, looking after the home, it could be some work related matters."

It was also suggested the drug allegations may have been the cause of the row in Jimmy Choo Mens Trainers Sale

"You will continue to work for them for a reduced salary until they are satisfied that they have been repaid," it continued.

Mr Gajjar spoke to Francesca again over the phone after the meeting:"She was not happy. She said she was going to stop working. She no longer wanted to work for Charles and Nigella."

Telling jurors what the expenditure on the cards was, Mr Gajjar said: "Generally it was in the region of 10 to 20 thousand pounds a month. Francesca's was generally more than Lisa's [Elisabetta's]."

Mr Gajjar replied: "They would be instructed by Charles and Nigella as to what to purchase regarding the home, the children, and then carry out the instructions."

A judge had previously ruled the sisters described as "kitchen confidantes" in the TV chef 's 2011 cookbook could not use her alleged drug use in their defence.

The letter stated that the couple would make "every effort not to press charges".

"After speaking to Francesca I received a call from Lisa who was slightly more hysterical and in a rage, and just said that she wanted no one to get in touch with her or her sister. She was ranting I couldn't understand a proper conversation," he continued.

Jimmy Choo Ankle Boots Uk

Italian sisters Francesca and Elisabetta Grillo are on trial this morning, accused of fraud by using a company credit card on themselves while working as personal assistants to Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi.

Jimmy Choo Ankle Boots Uk

Mr Gajjar told the court that the sisters each had company credit cards linked to a Coutts bank account that they would use to make purchases, with statements being given the "once over" by himself as they came in. They would then be paid off via direct debit from Saatchi's personal account.

Saatchi was Jimmy Choo Ankle Boots Uk "astounded" by the scale of her alleged drug taking, the court heard, and was said to be furious after discovering her "guilty secret" following claims she had been snorting cocaine every day for a decade and using cannabis and prescription pills.

Charles Saatchi is not expected to give evidence before lunch.

which Saatchi was pictured grabbing a tearful Nigella by the throat and tweaking her nose at a Mayfair restaurant in June.

Jimmy Choo Ankle Boots Uk

Mr Gajjar has worked as finance director for the Saatchi Gallery group since 2002, including the Conarco Partnership which is beneficially owned by Saatchi.

But in a dramatic U turn, it was decided the "bad character" claims would be admitted as evidence.

´╗┐with drugs claims against TV chef to be part of defence case

The pair, who had worked for Nigella since 2001, were arrested in August after Saatchi, 70, discovered the extent of their credit spree.

Mr Gajjar said that he met with the sisters on July 21st at the Saatchi Gallery and presented them with identical letters, asking them to accept that they had "fraudulently stolen" from Saatchi and Nigella using the company credit cards.

Francesca Grillo was earning around 28,000 a year, while Elisabetta was earning around 25,000.

Jimmy Choo Ankle Boots Uk

Jimmy Choo Ankle Boots Uk

Jimmy Choo Ankle Boots Uk

Mr Gajjar described them both as having a "very close relationship" with Nigella and Charles, with Francesca living at their residence.

Ms Carpenter asked if the sisters would be responsible for making purchases on behalf of the household.

Jimmy Choo Ankle Boots Uk

Jimmy Choo Ankle Boots Uk

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