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"Just seeing how welcoming and nurturing this class of Grade 8s could be."

"I would say they are Jimmy Choo Low Heel Wedding Shoes much more self aware," Bauer said. "They are more aware of who they are.

Observing and learning about how babies learn and grow and how empathy is modeled between parent and child is the means to Roots of Empathy's mission of building "caring, peaceful, and civil societies through the development of empathy in children and adults," according to its website. Begun in Toronto in 1996, the non profit project now connects classrooms of students with facilitators and babies in seven countries.

Jimmy Choo Low Heel Wedding Shoes

"I think he was sitting up already when we started coming," Dalton said, of Eli's first visit at almost four months old. "It was really neat for them to see him develop. They had amazing questions about him."

She said she hopes the students' experience has a lasting effect. Research has shown a reduction in aggression among participants, she pointed out, and teachers have told her they have noticed increased empathy among the students.

Emotional literacy is a large part of the discussion.

Jimmy Choo Low Heel Wedding Shoes

Jimmy Choo Low Heel Wedding Shoes

"He's working on motor skills and visual skills," Bauer said.

Playing ball also boosts language development, Bauer added.

Jimmy Choo Low Heel Wedding Shoes

"The ultimate goal is citizens of the world," Bauer said. "To foster the empathy (within); to teach them about development; to teach them about neural development, and to make them better parents in the end.

"Through all the themes we're talking about neural development and also their temperament."

"I really do believe in the program," Bauer added. "It's Giuseppe Zanotti On Sale

"We talk about how you read the feelings on your peers' faces.

Jimmy Choo Low Heel Wedding Shoes

Watching Eli grow and "develop as a human being," were highlights, he added.

Student Reanne MacDonald said she has enjoyed her time with Eli.

Eli and his mother, Kate Dalton, visited Grade 8F at Wolfville School throughout the year as part of the Roots of Empathy program.

Jimmy Choo Low Heel Wedding Shoes

"When you know who you, are you feel better about yourself.

Jimmy Choo Low Heel Wedding Shoes

"I did Grade 1 was cute and fun," she said, "but doing Grade 8 is fascinating. It has been terrific."

Dalton said she had seen how amazing the program is in early elementary.

Sheonagh Bauer is the volunteer instructor for both classes of Grade 8 students in Wolfville, visiting 27 times throughout the year to teach the program's themes, on her own and with the babies and parents.

Students added Eli was learning to give and share, about emotions and about learning through the sense of touch as well as what his favourite toys are.

Wolfville middle school students embrace Roots of Empathy

"I wondered if it would work as well in Grade 8 and I think it worked just as well or better it was very positive," the Wolfville mother said, adding the teenagers' reaction were a highlight of the experience for her.

"I really enjoyed the process and the interaction between the babies and classmates," he said. It was a really good experience."

"I like when we get to see baby Eli and learn about how he has growing new things that he's doing."

Baby Eli took some of his first steps in front of a rather large, admiring crowd last month. Thirty teenagers clapped, laughed and cheered as the almost one year old let go of a chair, toddled a few feet and then sat down to grin at his fans.

As Eli and his mum and sister Sophie gleefully play pat a cake and roll a ball with the students, Bauer points out each time the baby is learning in a loving environment "that's another neural pathway that Jimmy Choo Shoes Outlet Uk

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"We talk about the different sleep cycles in teenagers, because they're going through that as well," Bauer said. "How they feel when they don't get enough sleep, how they cope with that. How it feels to be sleep deprived and very honest answers about how mum feels (about sleep.)

is getting connected.

"Turn taking is the basics of conversation and communicating."

Rozier helped weigh and measure Eli during the May visit.

Jimmy Choo Low Heel Wedding Shoes

Jimmy Choo Low Heel Wedding Shoes

Jimmy Choo Low Heel Wedding Shoes

sort of a gift to the teacher they get to see the students and just observe them. The parents it helped them celebrate the first year more because they were able to talk about it. "

Jimmy Choo Low Heel Wedding Shoes

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