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First we are told that Willowbrook has to lay off police officers if the commanders didn accept a village ultimatum to retire or go back to the patrol division because Willowbrook needs to save money.

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Can some one please tell us what is going on in Willowbrook!!!!

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Jimmy Choo Black Satin Pumps

Now we are told the Village Board lead by King Napoli wants to increase the pay of board members. (I guess they have the money now since they got rid of three Commanders!)

Next we are told that King Napoli is trying to resurrect a bad plan from many years ago where the village was going to try and expand Community Park on Midway Drive. It was a bad idea then, and it is a bad idea now. (But I guess they have extra money since they got rid of three Commanders!)

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Now the 16 members of the village's plan commission, park commission and board of police will be eligible for the life insurance policy, which could pay out as much as $100,000.

The insurance plan, which the village's elected trustees are not eligible for, will cost the village a total of about $1,700 a year by allowing the volunteers to piggy back on the same policy that village workers are on. As soon Jimmy Choo Flat Sandals Ebay

Maybe we didn really need to get rid of Police Commanders. Maybe this was just a personal vendetta for them unionizing. No other department has treated its senior staff in this manor.

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Jimmy Choo Black Satin Pumps

"Over the last year appointed and elected officials have brought to my attention newspaper articles and radio broadcasts and internet stories about tragic public incidents that have occurred at meetings around the country," said Village Administrator Tim Halik. "These volunteers aren't otherwise compensated for their time. So we thought it was a very economical way for us to provide some added peace of mind."

We need everyone in Willowbrook to start getting involved and finding out what is going on in our Village. I again encourage everyone to try and make it to the board Jimmy Choo Black Satin Pumps meetings. Also, go online to our Village website where you can access the board agenda and meeting minutes.

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Jimmy Choo Black Satin Pumps

Now in this article we are told that the Village is going to spend even more money for life insurance policies for volunteer staff. What will be next, health insurance for volunteers or just Village Board members and King Napoli!

to make an effort to get more involved in our village!

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Volunteers who serve on commissions in Willowbrook will soon be extended life insurance benefits that current village employees receive.

The Village Board made it clear that we have to tighted our belts yet they seem to pick and choose where they want to do it. We were suppose to save $800,000 with the elimination of the Commander/Sergeant position. However, they allowed one Sergeant to stay on. Why was this? Isn the position suppose to be eliminated? Why would the Chief of Police be allowed to return to this rank per his contract if we are eliminating it? Obviously, we are not eliminating the rank but the people who currently hold it.

volunteers come foward and say they were concerned for their lives since they were serving on our board? This really doesn make sense to me either.

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The Village Board has money to buy automatic weapons, new squad cars (even though we are reducing our police department) and now life insurance for our volunteers. Did our Jimmy Choo Pumps Sale

´╗┐Willowbrook offers life insurance to commission volunteers

"Should we have metal detectors at entrance to the board room? Should we have uniformed police officers at meetings?" Halik asked. "There were a myriad of ideas thrown out here that were under consideration, but to be honest we were pretty limited from a budget standpoint."

as a volunteer steps down from their role on a commission their benefits will expire.

A proposal to extend life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment benefits to village volunteers was passed by the trustees during a Monday night board meeting.

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Thank you Joe Citizen for speaking out! I agree with your statement, What is going on in Willowbrook?

What ever happened to giving back to the community and not expecting anything in return? If times are tough as people had been lead to believe by King Napoli, why are we suddendly looking to spend more money? If we really needed to get rid of Police Commanders to save money, it really doesn make sense that we would start spending more money than before.

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