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"We won't be lying on the beach we'll be getting a farmer's tan," says Anderson, a Grade 12 student.

´╗┐Windsor students head to Kenya to build

"There's no iPods, no cell phones nothing that would interfere with the sounds of nature and the sounds of people."

Janis McCulloch, Parrsboro, has heard all about Kenya from her older brother, who went with Seagram in 2009. While McCulloch expects the humanitarian excursion will broaden her interests in the well being of the global community and inspire her to participate in more activist projects in the future, the safari tour will be one of the highlights.

Two years ago, King's Edgehill students helped build schools in Rumuruti and visited Kenyan kids in Rongai. Many of Seagram's fond memories of that trip involved tender moments shared between the Windsor based boarding school's students and their new Kenyan friends.

"When I first came here, Canada was a new world for me. I'm pretty sure Africa will be another new world," Park says. "It will be uncomfortable, but I have to be patient. I've always lived in a comfortable place."

Zanotti Sandals

Zanotti Sandals

Eun Park, a Grade 11 KES student from South Korea, enrolled in African studies this academic year. She anticipates her first camping trip will show her how well she can adapt to a life without luxury.

Several youth will awake early March 9, unzip their tents and peer outside to find a cloudless East African sky and the white capped Mount Kenya looming in the distance.

Grace Anderson, New Glasgow, is used to travelling to vacation in larger cities and Europe with friends and family, but she's looking forward to trying something different.

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"I would hope that they would learn that one doesn't need material goods or material health in order to be happy. The Kenyans have very little, and yet are an incredibly Giuseppe Zanotti Yellow

"Before breakfast, we will be running out to the camel boma and we will be milking the camels," says Seagram. "The joy of milking camels is you don't need a stool; you can milk them standing up."

Seagram took his first group of 13 students to Kenya in March 2009. He says there is no use for distracting gadgets when his students embark on life changing humanitarian missions in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

"They will learn how to be comfortable in an Zanotti Sandals environment that is completely different than the one they're used to.

Zanotti Sandals

you get out of your comfort zone, that's when you learn the most about who you really are."

"It will be an overall good feeling helping someone who may be Giuseppe Zanotti Sharon

Zanotti Sandals

"I'm looking forward to trying to see zebras and wildebeests, elephants and, hopefully, we'll see a hippo. On the last trip, they didn't, but I'd really be down with seeing a hippo or two."

Seagram returns this month to Rumuruti and Rongai with 37 students to set up camp on land owned by friends he made while living and teaching in Kenya. Students, about 24 of whom are from the Annapolis Valley, are covering their own airfare. All of the proceeds raised for the trip will be used for the humanitarian projects they will tackle: building new classrooms in Rumuruti, visiting the Vanessa Grant Elementary School and Gogar Primary School in Rongai.

"The amazing thing is that the Canadian dollar goes so far in Kenya. What we conceive of here as being expensive, over there is very cheap. A $10 donation will actually feed a student lunch at school for a whole year a trip to Subway for one of our kids is lunch for a year (for theirs).

less fortunate and not have certain necessities."

happy people."

Above all, Seagram says, he wants his students, young scholars from various continents across the globe, to return from their unique educational adventure in Kenya March 25, knowing they have the ability to make a difference.

Riley Peckford, Kingston, picked up a summer job to pay for his plane ticket to Kenya.

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Kings Edghill headmaster Joe Seagram, born in Kenya, estimates it will be about five degrees as his students greet their first Kenyan sunrise. But, in a developing country where there is much work to be done, they won't be standing idle to admire the scenery for long.

"That makes it very easy to give, and that makes it very easy to feel very good, no matter what the amount."

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"For our students to go and be playing and colouring with a student with Down syndrome, someone who is terminally ill or someone who is severely mentally handicapped, and to hug them, or push them on a swing, or piggy back them around is indeed touching."

"The Vanessa Grant School is a school for mentally and physically handicapped students and it is completely dependent on the charitable donations of people like ourselves," Seagram says.

Zanotti Sandals

Zanotti Sandals

"We're camping the whole time. There's no running water. There's no electricity and we don't want to be (separated) from the environment in anyway, whether it's the physical environment or the social environment.

That phenomenon is true for headmasters, too.

"It will be interesting to see how other parts of the world live. We're just completely immersing ourselves in their culture," the Grade 10 student says.

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The students are thrilled to travel to an exotic locale and take on such work. Seagram hopes they will learn a lot in the short amount of time they spend mixing mortar, stacking bricks, painting trusses, making friends and taking in the diverse Kenyan landscapes, wildlife and culture.

"I've learned that the greatest times are spent together as a whole group, often around the campfire at night, under the African stars, just talking about the events of the day."

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