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town hall.

Windsor's town council is somewhat cautiously moving forward with plans to allow Bell Aliant to install a cell tower on the Walter B. Stephens town hall building.

Jimmy Choo Rose Gold Heels

Jimmy Choo Rose Gold Heels

Coun. Scott Geddes mirrored Seeley's concerns.

Coun. Laurie Murley suggested council grant Bell's request under the condition that the cell tower must meet Safety Code 6 standards at all times, even when changes are made.

cell tower proposal on Nov. 12.

´╗┐Windsor council to welcome Bell Aliant cell tower on conditions

Jimmy Choo Rose Gold Heels

The fire department, with its station located in the basement of the town hall building, must replace its communications infrastructure. The department stands to save an estimated $40,000 if the Bell tower is built onto the town hall building.

Coutinho advised council to wait for the results of a Safety Code 6 review Jimmy Choo Miami Trainers Gold

Jimmy Choo Rose Gold Heels

Jimmy Choo Rose Gold Heels

Jimmy Choo Rose Gold Heels

A motion was passed stating that council would write a Jimmy Choo Rose Gold Heels letter of support for Bell Aliant's proposal to Industry Canada during a committee of the whole meeting that followed the public hearing.

"If we delay there is the potential that we're going to end up spending $50,000 putting an antennae on top of this building," said Geddes, who added that the town would also lose out on control of where the cell tower is installed if Bell is forced to consider another location.

Coutinho later shared that Bell has informed him they must comply with current safety standards at all times.

One Windsor resident spoke in opposition of the project at the public hearing, and implored council to research the possible health effects of allowing a cell tower to be built in such a densely populated area.

Opening the subject up for discussion at a town council meeting Nov. 26, CAO Louis Countiho said staff conducted some additional research after a public hearing was held regarding Bell's Jimmy Choo Trainers Black Glitter

"Unless there is other information I can't see a real downside if they are going to comply anyway if there are changes in March," Seeley said.

Jimmy Choo Rose Gold Heels

examining the current radiofrequency exposure guidelines outlined by Health Canada.

Jimmy Choo Rose Gold Heels

Jimmy Choo Rose Gold Heels

But, with the regulations under review, Coutinho suggested it would be wise to wait until the results of the review are released in March 2014 before giving Bell the OK to install the tower on the Giuseppe Zanotti Cruel Black

Coun. Dave Seeley noted that the Windsor Fire Department might lose out on a partnership opportunity if council defers the decision and Bell selects another site for the proposed cell tower.

Jimmy Choo Rose Gold Heels

"The regulations to date for all cell towers have indicated that these cell towers are safe," said Coutinho.

Jimmy Choo Rose Gold Heels

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