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told the story a couple of times and nobody laughs. The clerk didn't laugh. The lady didn't laugh. Maybe I'm weird but every time I think of it it brings a smile to my lips and a chuckle to my heart.

Jimmy Choo Sneakers Black

Jimmy Choo Sneakers Black

Here's a piece of trivia: Pigs will eat coal. I have seen them do it and have listened to the crunch crunch crunch as they chewed it. I'm not sure what's the attraction and am disinclined to try it myself.

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It turned out that the first mine didn't have lump coal so we went to a mine up Huntington Canyon. We transferred mom from my truck to his and drove up into the loading area and put 3.83 tons of lump coal on his truck and trailer. He says that it is enough to last all this winter and much of the next.

Jimmy Choo Sneakers Black

The job I had when I got married was loading coal from the tipple at a coal mine in Hay Gulch. The pay was $10 per day. It doesn't sound like much today. To tell the truth, it wasn't much then, either. I got pretty good at estimating the weight of coal asked for. If somebody wanted 1,500 pounds of coal I could guess to within just a few pounds of that amount.

Jimmy Choo Sneakers Black

My son arrived in Price a couple of hours after I did. We visited through the evening with my mother and then spent the night there. After we did some work that mom needed to have done we took her out for breakfast. After breakfast she got into my truck and we followed my son to a coal mine.

My dad worked in a coal mine in Hay Gulch for a while when we were kids. It turns out that whoever wrote the lyrics about loading 16 tons knew something about it.

Jimmy Choo Sneakers Black

I was thinking she could get some M or maybe some chocolate chips, but she insisted on just one little piece of chocolate for her bunny. It was none of my business but I suggested to the clerk that he might have to break a six pack.

Jimmy Choo Sneakers Black

Doesn't anybody think that's funny? I've Jimmy Choo Shoes Womens

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When I was 11 or 12 my dad took me to the mine with him. He was expecting somebody and kept sending me outside to see if they had arrived. I had a very poor flashlight with which to light my way. It didn't help that before sending me out my dad would roll his eyes, listen carefully and quietly, but urgently tell me to watch out for the wild haired woman that lived in the mine.

A few days ago my son called from his home north of Salt Lake. He said that he was coming to Price to get a load of winter coal and would I like to meet him there for breakfast. I thought it sounded like a good idea so I put a couple of travel things together and headed for Jimmy Choo Heels Collection

Jimmy Choo Sneakers Black


My memory tells me that when I was a boy in Colorado it took five tons of Jimmy Choo Sneakers Black coal to get us through the winter. The coal was our only fuel for heating the small house and for cooking, for heating water for baths, laundry, etc. It was always a good, secure feeling to have those five tons of coal going into winter.

I stopped at a convenience store in Moab to get a drink for the road. There was a lady ahead of me at the cash register. She said that she needed just one little piece of chocolate for her bunny. The clerk said that they didn't sell just one little piece of chocolate. She argued that that was all she needed. He explained again that they didn't sell just one little piece of chocolate.

I really enjoyed being with my son and I know that my mother enjoyed the outing. We said good bye to him and then I took mom back to her place. It was a good thing to have done.

Jimmy Choo Sneakers Black

Jimmy Choo Sneakers Black

´╗┐Winter coal

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Jimmy Choo Sneakers Black

Jimmy Choo Sneakers Black

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