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"Before the competition, I never considered myself a huge overeater, but once you start adding up the little snacks and drinks, it's a lot," said Kim, a billing and collection supervisor.

In total, more than 70 employees finished the competition losing more than 765 pounds. It was the second time Adventist hosted a weight loss competition based on the popular television show. Dudson, 38, credits his wife and co workers for helping to keep him motivated.

After losing more than 50 pounds in just 15 weeks, the computing specialist recently won a year of free health insurance valued at more than $1,200 from his employer, Adventist Midwest Health. During the same time period, his wife Kim shed 30 pounds.

Wedge Shoes Jimmy Choo

Bolingbrook The only thing heavier on Jeff Dudson these days is perhaps his wallet.

The Dudsons were on a team with five other employees who competed in a "Biggest Loser" competition at the Adventist Tallgrass office which houses departments such as human resources, finance and information technologies for the hospital system.

´╗┐wins free health insurance for a year

Wedge Shoes Jimmy Choo

Wedge Shoes Jimmy Choo

Wedge Shoes Jimmy Choo

Wedge Shoes Jimmy Choo

"Find a group, that's the best way to keep motivated," said Kim Dudson, 33. "We always tried to support each other."

Wedge Shoes Jimmy Choo

The couple has some tips for Giuseppe Zanotti Pink Heels

"By that second day, you're not as hungry and it gets easier," he said. "It helps when you have a teammate. My wife and I coached each other and kept each other going."

Wedge Shoes Jimmy Choo

To lose weight, the Dudsons severely restricted their food intake for three days, but loosened up the rules the following four days of each week, eating between 1,500 and 1,800 calories for the four day period. With a little online research beforehand, the Dudsons even went out to fast food restaurants for Cheap Jimmy Choo Ladies Shoes

"This contest changed the way our employees think about their health," Russell said. "So many people participated. We're so proud of the Dudsons and everyone who improved their health and their lives."

people looking to shed some pounds. First, do your homework. It's important to know how many calories you burn and consume each day and keeping a food Wedge Shoes Jimmy Choo journal is the simplest way to keep track. There are also free Websites that will count those calories for you.

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Employees got really into the competition. Those looking to exercise started to speed walk outside the office campus while others ate healthy lunches in groups, said Don Russell, regional vice president for human resources.

just the beginning for the couple who live in Minooka and have three children ages 12, 10 and three years old. Both are continuing their weight loss journey. Kim wants to lose another 70 pounds.

lunch from time to time.

Wedge Shoes Jimmy Choo

Wedge Shoes Jimmy Choo

Wedge Shoes Jimmy Choo

Drinking lots of water is essential to any good diet. The Dudsons used Crystal Light to flavor their water without adding empty calories.

Wedge Shoes Jimmy Choo

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