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Does that give Republican candidates in Arkansas a giant opening to assert, with some marginal credibility, that their campaigns are all about stopping "Obamacare," or at least a chunk of it?

Then, suddenly, all that was gone, not Zanotti Andrea

I expect, alas, the latter. Once you go national, it's hard to go back.

There's your choice. It's up to you.

Zanotti Ankle Boots

Southern Arkansas could reject all Democratic presidential nominees not named Clinton, yet embrace a "Blue Dog Democrat" named Mike Ross. That was because Ross knew how and when to distance himself from his national Democratic leadership. And he was given leeway to do that by the national leadership because he was better, at least, than a Republican.

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His argument was debatable in the first place. But its validity has now come into even more question. That's because of the Supreme Court ruling that states may choose not to participate in federally funded expansion of Medicaid that is an element of health care reform.

In Arkansas, Republicans are chest beating about opting out while Gov. Mike Beebe, a Democrat forever cautious, will say only that he is "inclined" to have the state participate, depending on his getting a few answers from the federal government.

The old way blew up two years ago when Arkansas decided that all politics was about Barack Obama and perceptions of him misguided, I again say politely as wholly to blame for too much government, for overly onerous health care mandates and Jimmy Choo Glitter Trainers

So now the question is whether that was an aberration or the start of something lasting.

I must observe that Beebe's governing style, while serving efficiency and pragmatism, seldom gives his party much to rally around rhetorically.

Does that solidify Arkansas political races as matters not of local uniqueness or local context, which once helped Democrats, but as matters of national health care policy, which lifts Republicans?

Zanotti Ankle Boots

´╗┐will GOP take state

ever, polling two years ago in Arkansas showed the generic "R," meaning any unidentified Republican, beating the generic "D," meaning any unidentified Democrat.

In the meantime, it appears that Chief Justice John Roberts is quite the ambidextrous fellow. He saved federal health care reform in one hand while serving a Republican takeover of Arkansas with the other. Associated Press text, photo, graphic, audio and/or video material shall not be published, broadcast, rewritten for broadcast or publication or redistributed directly or indirectly in any medium. Neither these AP materials nor any portion thereof may be stored in a computer except for personal and noncommercial use. The AP will not be held liable for any delays, inaccuracies, errors or omissions therefrom or in the transmission or delivery of all or any part thereof or for any damages arising from any of the foregoing.

As recently as three or four years ago, Arkansas wholly separated in state politics from national politics. It found a way to reject national Democratic Party liberalism while not assigning its local Democratic politicians any complicity.

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So now we prepare to vote again. Republicans think they might take control of one chamber or the other, or both. That would be the first such circumstance since Reconstruction. It would put the state on a course of tax cuts, charter schools and religious conservatism mixing a narrow view of church with state.

Some of our more reactionary states along with a couple more states burdened with more reactionary governors Wisconsin, Texas, Florida, Louisiana and South Carolina are crowing about opting out and not covering their working poor under Medicaid.

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by erosion, but explosion.

So you have Republicans with a clear and superficial and popular message while Democrats have an uncertain and almost apologetic one.

Republicans won constitutional offices and closed the gap in the Arkansas Legislature to 54 46 in the House and 20 15 in the Senate.

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Now the state will return to choosing between candidates in terms of individual match ups, which favors Democrats, or so Bond argues as he scans a map and talks about the individual pairings.

Zanotti Ankle Boots

The seismic and historic thing that happened to Arkansas politics two years ago was that it became nationalized. It stopped being peculiar or eccentric and started being homogeneous.

For the first time Giuseppe Zanotti Biker Boots

Will you vote for the local legislative candidate you like best? Or do you so abhor federal health care reform irrationally, I would politely point out that you'll vote for the candidate who says he runs only for the supposedly holy purpose of undoing whatever part of "Obamacare" that he might possibly undo?

At the very least, the question is whether the dynamic will be Zanotti Ankle Boots sustained and even invigorated for November. Supreme Court's allowing states to opt out of Medicaid expansion in health care reform.

Eastern Arkansas could reject all Democratic presidential nominees not named Clinton, even Al Gore from a neighboring state. Yet it could embrace a Democratic congressman like Marion Berry who was part of the local agricultural economy.

Zanotti Ankle Boots

Central Arkansas could trend solidly to suburban Republicanism outside Pulaski County, yet embrace a liberal Democratic congressman, Vic Snyder, on his personal resume and personal integrity.

Will Bond, the chairman of the state Democratic Party, dismisses such talk. The "tsunami" occurred two years ago and has been weathered, he says.

Zanotti Ankle Boots

Look at the rest of the Confederacy. And that's certainly the case within two years and if the climate hasn't much changed.

for too much spending.

Zanotti Ankle Boots

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