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Mens Jimmy Choo Trainers Sale

In police interview, Radway, the Giuseppe Zanotti Sole

"You have lost your reputation, a big loss to you I am sure. It has caused, I am sure, very large difficulties in your marriage and you have essentially lost your military career. That in itself is a considerable punishment."

Prosecuting, Nadeem Aullybocus told the court: "Having downloaded these images he went on to take up to 43.

Miss Collins said: "What he had was a very distinguished career of duties in a number of places around the world, war zones.

"You are 42 years old, you have had a distinguished military career and I have read glowing references about you.

Mr Aullybocus said Radway had destroyed four computers before police could seize them, meaning the full extent of his offending is not known.

Mens Jimmy Choo Trainers Sale

Radway was found to have downloaded 4,296 images and four videos classed at category one, 245 images and four videos at category two, 246 images and three videos at category three and 198 images and four videos at category four.

Mens Jimmy Choo Trainers Sale

Mens Jimmy Choo Trainers Sale

admitted holding his camera over the top of cubicle walls in changing rooms and placing it in shopping baskets.

"He could not say why he put the first image on the file sharing site but he received positive feedback. It made him feel good so he took more and graduated to the upskirt."

Bristol Crown Court heard how Radway changed his name from Mark Stephen Smyth in March this year, during the police investigation.

Officer also discovered 16 prohibited images and one image of bestiality.

"He went into changing rooms to see what he could get away with.

The prosecutor said Radway Jimmy Choo Bridal Shoes Ebay

The user was found to be Radway, who admitted distributing the content on the site, as well as a SkyDrive account which could be accessed by others.

"There were comments posted by others in relation to these and he accepted there had been requests.

´╗┐Wiltshire Army officer avoids jail over images of children From This Is Wiltshire

Mens Jimmy Choo Trainers Sale

"He said he didn't see his family very much and wasn't able to speak socially with his men.

"Having done that it then transpired he put them on a Russian website online.

Mens Jimmy Choo Trainers Sale

Mens Jimmy Choo Trainers Sale

Mens Jimmy Choo Trainers Sale

"He began putting his phone in a basket and seeing what he could get.

"They are not sexual photographs but they are photographs of children taken by you in some instances in showers or other places by a camera up the skirts, which you placed on your computer and you have allowed others to see on the internet.

father of two young boys, admitted he had made the images but "was adamant he has no sexual interest in children".

He was arrested after police officers found images Mens Jimmy Choo Trainers Sale of children posted by a user called GhengisKhan4321 on a Russian file sharing website.

Miss Rosaleen Collins, for Radway, said a custodial sentence would mean the loss of more than 1 million to her client in lost earnings and pensions.

At Bristol Crown Jimmy Choo Women Sneakers

Mens Jimmy Choo Trainers Sale

None of Radway's victims are aware that they were filmed, although two young girls can be seen pointing at the camera in his footage.

"He accepts trading images. People gave him what they had, he gave them what he did."

Court, Judge Geoffrey Mercer QC sentenced Radway to a three year community order, a three year supervision order and to complete a 60 day Thames Valley sex offender programme.

Radway, who was in charge of a battalion, later admitted six charges of distributing, six charges of taking and four charges of making indecent images at North Somerset Magistrates' Court in April.

He had also downloaded seven images classed at category five the most serious.

Mr Aullybocus added: "He said it all started as a game of risk which was all about the thrill and adrenaline rush.

"You are a family man. What led you to commit these offences perhaps not even you really know. They are shameful offences and you are rightly ashamed.

Mens Jimmy Choo Trainers Sale

Mens Jimmy Choo Trainers Sale

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