Zanotti Men

Zanotti Men

Some of Maria's creations include a wind chime made from recycled packaging, and a mobile made from CDs to scare away Zanotti Men birds from areas where they are not wanted.

water [hose] from the pipe in the corner, and we've got a water butt so it collects rainwater and we don't use clean water anymore."

She entered the Nottingham In Bloom Garden Competition in 2006, the year the Greenfingers Award for Young Gardener was introduced. In the first year she shared the overall prize with a boy who was older than her, and this year she won in her own right. She is still the youngest ever winner.

Zanotti Men

Zanotti Men

when she started gardening with her mother.

"The main theme of the garden is reduce, reuse and recycle," she explains. "We reduce using clean water by having a Jimmy Choo Trainers London

Zanotti Men

Walking around her plot in Basford, Marie explains the ideas and principles which made her garden a winner. As well as looking pretty and providing useful crops, it is as sustainable as she can make it.

W HEN Maria Fedyszyn turned nine, she asked for a birthday present not many girls her age would have chosen a wormery to help her make even more compost.

She also employs the old trick of copper tape to stop slugs and snails nibbling at her container grown salad crops. "It electrifies the snail when it goes on Giuseppe Zanotti Cooper

Zanotti Men

Maria's two chickens deal with pest control, snacking on slugs.

Zanotti Men

Zanotti Men

Zanotti Men

Maria also has a traditional compost heap and compost bin, and, her personal favourite, a compost 'tumbler', which makes it easier to mix everything together, speeding up the decomposition.

She has also made miniature scarecrows from plant pots and her old baby clothes.

Now she is ten, her garden, groaning with flowers, fruit and vegetables, has been awarded a Gold Medal in the Nottingham in Bloom Garden Competition a significant achievement for any gardener, let alone one so young.

it," she explains.

Zanotti Men

´╗┐winner of Nottingham in Bloom Greenfingers award

Another feature is a stack of broken pallets, which is home to all sorts of garden friendly wildlife.

"We've also been recycling shuttlecocks and ping pong balls as heads on top of the canes, so they are not sharp on the top," Maria says, pointing out some prettily painted ping pong balls, which make a colourful addition to the garden.

Maria was only about three Giuseppe Zanotti Blue

Zanotti Men

Zanotti Men

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