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"Where's your mom now?" the dispatcher asks.

During a third 911 call, Santillano's son finally picks up the phone.

Kitten Heel Jimmy Choo Shoes

Kitten Heel Jimmy Choo Shoes

flood, but he couldn't. I'm not sure of the exact details, but Alex said she flipped out of his arms and went into the water. I thank God he didn't go after her."

An Arvest Bank account has been set up to support the family. The account is listed under Alex Santillano with an account number of 0022332785. Donations can be made at any Arvest Bank.

The 38 year old West Fork woman, who was a naturalized citizen originally Giuseppe Zanotti Fringe Boots

"They had their ups and downs, but she took care of everyone," Jones said. "For four years, she carried that child around and took care of him. She was the best mom, the best wife and the best friend you could ever have."

Consuelo Santillano was featured in an Oct. 4, 2009, Arkansas Democrat Gazette article, in which she recounted the family's medical struggles with their son's condition, known as infantile systemic hyalinosis.

Kitten Heel Jimmy Choo Shoes

Kitten Heel Jimmy Choo Shoes

She was among five people in Northwest Arkansas who drowned during Monday's floods. Others who died included an elderly couple in Madison County and two men in Benton County.

By the time rescue crews arrived, the water had receded and Alex Santillano was carried to safety. Consuelo Santillano's body was recovered by her husband, about 150 yards from her car in the Illinois River.

´╗┐Woman Remembered

Here is a portion of the 911 call initiated by Consuelo Santillano of West Fork, who died Monday as she tried get herself and her 11 year old son out of the swollen waters of the Illinois River near Strickler. They became stuck in high waters on Arkansas 265. She made the emergency call and was able to tell dispatchers they were in trouble on Arkansas 265, but stopped responding shortly thereafter. Dispatchers kept talking as muffled sounds were heard in the background. After several minutes, the boy picked up the phone. This is his exchange with dispatchers.

Officials believe Santillano's Honda Odyssey stalled out when she tried to cross a flooded portion of the road, between Onda Mountain and Hubbard roads.

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Kitten Heel Jimmy Choo Shoes

Renae Stroinski, program administrator for Friendship Community Care in West Fork, said Santillano wanted to honor her younger son's life by helping children with special needs. She began working at Friendship Community Care, a day care facility, in March.

Alex went on to describe the location.

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Consuelo and Nick Santillano lost their younger son, Max Emiliano Santillano, in 2009. He died at the age of 4 from a rare genetic skin disorder that prevented his skin from growing.

The sound signifying that the car's keys were still in the ignition and the door was open can be heard in the background.

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"It's really flooded. I'm really scared. OK. There's like an S turn and then we're right on that, go a little bit more further from the S turn and you arrive somewhere, and there's like a red barn and there's a fence that's completely covered. Please hurry."

"She Kitten Heel Jimmy Choo Shoes was told not to go that way, but she did anyway," Stroinski said.

"Alex is taking it really hard," Jones said. "He said he was trying to hold on to his Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes Sale Uk

Her husband, Onesimo "Nick" Santillano, said his wife and their 11 year old son Alex were riding home together from school and work.

Co workers said Santillano left work early Monday because of flash flooding in the area. According to the National Weather Service, Washington County received more than a foot of rain over the weekend.

"I don't know. She went, she drifted, and, uh, in this flood, I don't know where she is," he responded.

Credit: Fayetteville Central Dispatch Center

Steve Harrison, assistant chief for Central Emergency Medical Service, said poor phone reception and a language barrier prevented emergency operators from understanding Santillano's exact location.

County officials issued a civil emergency message urging residents not to drive because of "catastrophic flooding," but many motorists didn't heed the warning. Santillano picked up her son from West Fork Middle School and started along her normal route home.

"We knew she was on 265, but not where on 265," he said.

Kitten Heel Jimmy Choo Shoes

Kitten Heel Jimmy Choo Shoes

"We would lose the call and then we would call back," Harrison said. "At one point, she laid the phone down. We could still hear them talking in the background, but we couldn't get anyone to pick the phone back up."

"Are you still on the line?" he asks the dispatcher, who responded. "Yes, OK. My mom just fell in the water. I don't know where she is, so please just hurry."

"She was a childcare provider for 3 and 5 year olds," Stroinski said. "She didn't speak much English, but she was very caring and good with the children."

As water began to pour inside, Santillano frantically dialed 911.

from Vicente Gurrero, Mexico, drowned Monday when her minivan got stuck in floodwater on Arkansas 265 in south Washington County near Strickler.

Kitten Heel Jimmy Choo Shoes

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