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While she was walking north along that highway, she was struck by a car allegedly driven southbound by Patrick Harwood, 35. Her lawsuit says she incurred more than $100,000 in medical expenses, in addition to physical and mental harm. She's asking Mountain View based Google to pay. Both are in Park City.

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Don't play with knives. Don't insult big guys with bad tempers. And don't walk along a busy state highway unless you have no other choice.

route may be missing sidewalks or pedestrian paths."

That brings me to Lauren Rosenberg, a Los Angeles area woman who is suing Google for giving her bad walking directions before she was hit by a car in Park City, Utah. District Court in central Utah, Rosenberg's lawyers say that Google Maps directed her to take Deer Valley Drive also known as State Route 224 while walking between two Park City sites on Jan. 19, 2009.

As an adult, I've learned one other important thing. Anybody can be sued for anything, particularly if the defendant has Giuseppe Zanotti Army

you saw the cars barreling at 60 mph in your direction, you must have sensed this wasn't a strolling zone.

Jimmy Choo Heels Ebay

Throw it out

Jimmy Choo Heels Ebay

Jimmy Choo Heels Ebay

Jimmy Choo Heels Ebay

Jimmy Choo Heels Ebay

This case is a howler, a lawsuit that should be laughed out of court and back to the concrete byways of La La Land before it even comes before Judge Dee Benson in Utah.

deep pockets and the plaintiff never learned common sense.

´╗┐Woman has Jimmy Choo Heels Ebay no case against Google Maps

I learned then that the straightest route was not always the quickest. But when I made a mistake only rarely, of course my father would not blame me. He understood the vagaries of deciphering the way to our favorite steakhouse or campground.

That warning was apparently missing from the Google Maps application that Rosenberg used on her BlackBerry. To my way of thinking, it makes very little difference.

Jimmy Choo Heels Ebay

Jimmy Choo Heels Ebay

A service like Google Maps makes our lives easier. It gives us choices. It does not ensure us against harm. The second preferred route took her along a residential street that runs parallel to Route 224. She should have taken it.

Maybe the danger arose because Rosenberg comes from a city where people rarely walk. Maybe a snowy day narrowed the Utah highway shoulders.

So, Ms. Rosenberg, pack up your BlackBerry and go home. Keep on suing Harwood if you must; it's your right. But leave Google Maps out of this. When Jimmy Choo Black Heels Red Sole

On a laptop, the instructions contain this warning, highlighted with a yellow background: "Walking directions are in beta. Use caution This Giuseppe Zanotti Black Boots

Jimmy Choo Heels Ebay

Whatever, she should have obeyed the basics of common sense. The shoulder of Route 224 wasn't designed as a sidewalk though, interestingly, there was a walking path on the other side of the road.

You can sympathize with her plight. And you can denounce Haywood for not being a more careful driver. But at some point, you have to say that Rosenberg takes responsibility for her own choice of route.

I know a little of what I'm talking about. From the age of 9 forward, I was the navigator for our family's cross country car vacations, the Google Maps service in the back seat.

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Jimmy Choo Heels Ebay

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