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Meanwhile, Senter remained cautious and said he hadn't booked any cruises.

he said.

"If it gets eight barrels a day, it's nothing to get excited about," he said. "If it gets 18 a day, then it gets a little more interesting. By the time, we divide the royalties up between 40 family members, it might be enough to get a hamburger and a Coke."

"If you ask if we've ever (drilled) someplace, the answer is probably yes," he said. Sojourner was reluctant to go into much detail about the drilling.

"You want to be extra careful Giuseppe Zanotti Carrie Crystal about safety when you're near a residential area," Sojourner said. Senter also noted that Sojourner was using an electric pump, which is much less noisy.

"The City Council felt it was just one less hoop someone would have to jump through," he said.

Giuseppe Zanotti Carrie Crystal

as well as with the Texas Railroad Commission.

´╗┐Will oil found in north Abilene pay off

Giuseppe Zanotti Carrie Crystal

Giuseppe Zanotti Carrie Crystal

Sojourner disclosed little about why his company believed there might be oil on Mimosa.

Sojourner currently is drilling behind the shopping center that contains Ambler Bingo at 3374 Ambler. The well is behind the parking lot and across the street from apartments.

Giuseppe Zanotti Carrie Crystal

Obviously, drilling inside a city is treated differently from drilling in rural areas.

Giuseppe Zanotti Carrie Crystal

Jon James with the city planning department said the operator has to get permission from the Abilene City Council to drill, although the land doesn't have to be zoned any particular Jimmy Choo Kitten Heels Ebay

To drill inside the city limits, Sojourner had to file a permit with the city Giuseppe Zanotti Biker Boots

Scott Senter said pipe had been laid for the project, which he took as a good sign.

The city's public works department oversees the project from the city's side. Travis McClure, land agent for the city of Abilene, was out of the office Tuesday.

Sojourner Drilling has been in business since 1946, which means there aren't too many places it hasn't looked for oil, even as unlikely a place as the corner of Ambler Avenue and Mimosa Drive.

"It was just an educated guess," he said. "You make a guess and hope you're right."

Giuseppe Zanotti Carrie Crystal

Giuseppe Zanotti Carrie Crystal

Giuseppe Zanotti Carrie Crystal

"If you've ever dealt with people in the oil industry, you know how secretive we are," Giuseppe Zanotti Heels

Giuseppe Zanotti Carrie Crystal

way to receive the council's approval.

"If it's a no go, they won't put the pipe down, so maybe it's not all bad," he said.

Giuseppe Zanotti Carrie Crystal

Giuseppe Zanotti Carrie Crystal

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