Giuseppe Zanotti Signature Leather Wedge Sandal

Do you believe in UFOs? There is a lot going on nowadays. there are some fbi documents published, related to the investigations.

Giuseppe Zanotti Signature Leather Wedge Sandal

Giuseppe Zanotti Signature Leather Wedge Sandal

Giuseppe Zanotti Signature Leather Wedge Sandal

Giuseppe Zanotti Signature Leather Wedge Sandal

My guess is the US government will admit their are Jimmy Choo Black Trainers Womens

On the other hand what benefit might the government derive from having the population at large aware of aliens if in fact they were to exist? At best, they might approximate the status quo which existed prior to this information being disseminated. First, do extra terrestrial UFOs exist? Second, is the government aware of them and simply hiding the fact (rather than being ignorant)? Third, why would they admit or conceal the facts regarding the issue? Fourth, what would changing their position on this mean in terms of results to their credibility, their relative power, and their relevance to the world as it is, today? And fifth, is there some value to their concealment of the truth? In other words, is it necessary, or even a good idea to continue the "cover up" that is assumed to be in progress?

How would the government cover up UFOs? The notion that a species could develope the techology to travel light years across space but only send a few space ships that Giuseppe Zanotti Signature Leather Wedge Sandal either crashed or are not seen by many people is more science fiction than science fiction. Much of scientific discovery is made by regular people. While some people obviously believe every conspiracy there are to many non governmental people that monitor everything around the earth and in space.

Giuseppe Zanotti Signature Leather Wedge Sandal

5. So, finally, is there value in the concealment? The answer is yes, if things are going to go as badly as some apparently believe. They are afraid of what the people will think of them. They are afraid of what the people will actually DO when it is learned that the government is powerless. They are afraid of the losses in terms of religious beliefs that will "feel violated," and so forth, by the revelation that our God little Earth project is not the only show in town.

forced to do so. Which, by the way, is probably going to happen, so the remainder of these five points have considerable relevance.

If you have a video, of what you believe to be ufos, what should you do with it? Are pictures and videos of ufos valuable? is there a market for them? who would you contact.

Giuseppe Zanotti Signature Leather Wedge Sandal

Giuseppe Zanotti Signature Leather Wedge Sandal

space aliens when they find them. So far there is ZERO credible evidence of anything extra terrestrial. Just think if anyone inside or out of the government could prove there are aliens they would instantly become wealthy and never have to work again. Yet nothing has ever surfaced. After all, so many other countries have gone public with their UFO information. government still denies it happened.

Giuseppe Zanotti Signature Leather Wedge Sandal

1. You are accepting, and I believe rightly so, that these things do exist.

This question is based on the assumption that there are UFOs. Why would the US government admit there are UFOs if there are not any UFOs?

Are videos of ufos worth anything? If a person were to have a very clear, unusual video of sighted ufos, what should they do.

´╗┐Will the US government ever admit to UFOs

2. is out there somewhere.

4. Following logically from number three, this points to their fear of losing credibility and control. But how they handle it will decisively control how their mixed message is going to be perceived. It can go really well, or it can lead to a meltdown of government control, possible fighting in the streets, etc.

Of course, the response to that question depends upon whether there are any actual visitations to which they should admit. Given the vast distances (and inherent travel times) between Earth and even the nearest star (let alone a planet with intelligent life capable of space travel), I say it VERY, VERY unlikely that we been visited by any extra terrestrial beings.

As for other governments "admitting" to alien visitations, that complete BS. There was NO cover up of the supposed sightings at Rendlesham Forest in the UK, and NO admission by the British government. It was simply the rantings of a couple military investigators with overactive imaginations, which have been directly contradicted by others who were also on the scene. The files regarding the "incident" were released to the public years ago.

Now, even though the government as a whole has denied everything, there have been many ex government employees who have come forth and admitted to the cover up. If you want to know more information, check out The Disclosure Project. government can "admit" to UFOs because there nothing Zanotti Women Heels

Giuseppe Zanotti Signature Leather Wedge Sandal

Has anyone else noticed a rise in ufos in the media lately? There have been alot of reports on cnn about aliens this year and on alot of other channels.

to admit. Please remember that UFO is an acronym for unidentified flying object. government ever admit to alien visitations?"

As for astronaut Edgar Mitchell, if he has conclusive evidence of alien visitations, I sincerely wish he would share it with the rest of us. Government will not admit to UFO until one lands on the White House lawn or some such place. Quite frankly they can If UFO don exist, then there is nothing to admit.

If UFO do exists the government has nothing to gain and a great deal to lose by admitting it. For the government to admit that actual alien spacecraft, land on Earth or visit our airspace, then they would be opening the door to mass chaos. The radio show which broadcast Orson Welles production of War of The Worlds is evidence enough of that. Even though from time to time they announced that it was not real, there was a great deal of hysterical panic, people even killed themselves. No government can afford to willingly introduce terror and chaos into it midst. There is an inherent fragility in all governments, though we like to believe that ours is immune to it. A government with a panicked populace only runs the risk of destabilizing further.

3. The government is, let face it, the ultimate control freak. As has already been pointed out, they really REALLY hate admitting any of the following: That they been wrong about anything; That they lied to you or concealed anything from you; or that they are not in COMPLETE CONTROL. They are as heavily invested in the preferred story now, as are all the politically deviant party politics fools who can see any farther than the propaganda produced by "their party." To admit the opposite now, would be tantamount to all of the Republicans and Democrats switching party loyalty. They will only change their story if Jimmy Choo Pink Suede Pumps

Giuseppe Zanotti Signature Leather Wedge Sandal

Giuseppe Zanotti Signature Leather Wedge Sandal

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