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move? Out of the box? A slap in the face?Anyway you slice it, the new HNIC starts off his current show on CBC with to the show. I your boyfriend George Stroumboulopoulos. often wearing black jeans, a shirt with an open collar, sleeves rolled up and sneakers.

He is putting his own stamp on things creating new stars as he gets ready for four years from now when HNIC is slated to no longer be on CBC and solely operated by Rogers.

Zanotti Sandals 2017

On the other hand, I am thinking there just no way you do this Jimmy Choo Shoe Outlet Uk

After 28 years as the main host of Hockey Night in Canada, MacLean is moving to Sunday nights on Rogers CITY TV while George Stroumboulopoulos will become the face of the big show.

MacLean showed what class looks like and assured his fans he OK.

Zanotti Sandals 2017

But are Canadian hockey fans ready this?

As a viewer, I am fan of Strombo who is a terrific interviewer. But should they just give him the keys to the Ferrari without earning them?

to MacLean when he is just 53. He a huge star and not showing any sign of losing his edge.

dude is often wearing earrings in both ears with his sometimes punk hair.

Zanotti Sandals 2017

Zanotti Sandals 2017

On the one hand, I admire Rogers new hockey czar, Scott Moore, for not only trying to do something different by bringing in the talented Strombo but by thinking of a succession plan.

I wrestled with this myself.

At first blush, not so much. The comments online were stinging.

How that going to play up there in northern wherever?

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Zanotti Sandals 2017

they feel at all like I been mistreated, I hope they understand I have not. I have a nice four year deal, he said, adding, don think the show is going to suffer at all on Saturday nights. was gracious, too, singing MacLean praises.

Brave stuff.

Butt as the play by play guy, said one.

Rogers is prepared to take the risk to find out while at the same time using an established brand in the ultra professional MacLean to help them grow a Sunday audience from scratch.

40 with Steven and Chris? said another.

MacLean will still appear in Coach Corner with Don Cherry. Then, on Sunday, MacLean will host a new broadcast they are calling Hometown Hockey.

Zanotti Sandals 2017

But say goodbye to Ron and Don at ice level during playoff games with the crowd cheering. Strombo is the main man now.

Zanotti Sandals 2017

If they had announced that he Zanotti Sandals 2017 was going to host the Sunday night show to be groomed for Saturdays, then it would seem fair.

MacLean is not off the show completely but just moved down to the second line.

Zanotti Sandals 2017

Zanotti Sandals 2017

Zanotti Sandals 2017

Hockey Night is about tradition and doesn need to be coiffed and groomed to suit a fancier crowd.

´╗┐Will hockey fans accept Strombo over MacLean

Zanotti Sandals 2017

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