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Choose the Content tab and click the Certificates. button.

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Windows will now encrypt all files and folders inside the folder you chose. Once Windows is finished encrypting, the files and folders will appear green.

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To make sure this is the proper certificate, select it and look at the bottom of the window. Under the Certificate intended purposes section, it should say Encrypting File System.

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Click Start > Control Panel > Internet Options

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This step is VERY IMPORTANT. Make sure you choose Yes, export the private key. If you do not choose Jimmy Choo Grand Leather Boot Black

In the Certificates windows, make sure you are on the Personal tab.

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Now that your files are encrypted, they can only be viewed and edited from your computer or by someone that you give your personal security key/certificate to.

to export the private key, your certificate will be useless when you try to decrypt your data. Click Next.

Restore your personal security certificate/key

You can now close the Certificates and Internet Properties boxes.

highlight Jimmy Choo Bridal Heels

Enter the password that you set for your key during step 10 of the backup process, and click Next. (Don't choose "Mark this key as exportable." This will ensure that you still have the only copy of the private key.)

it and click the Export. button.

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Jimmy Choos Shoes Sale

This will launch the Certificate Export Wizard. Click Next.

You should receive a dialog box informing you that the export was successful.

You should see one certificate listed issued to the username you use to log into Windows.

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Once you have found the proper certificate, Giuseppe Zanotti Unique Shoes

´╗┐Windows Vista Encrypting File System

Jimmy Choos Shoes Sale

For the Export File format screen, click Next to accept the defaults. IMPORTANT If you lose this password, you will not be able use this certificate/key to decrypt your data. Click Next. You should export it Jimmy Choos Shoes Sale to a directory that you will remember. NOTE For this process, export the key to an accessible location on your computer, BUT do NOT store it there permanently. After this process is complete, save the key to an encrypted USB device or any other secure location and DELETE it from your computer. Click Next and then Finish.

Jimmy Choos Shoes Sale

Jimmy Choos Shoes Sale

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