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Renaud Gagne

an immigrant who came to Canada 13 years ago and who is now settled and raising a family with three kids, 'eligible' to be termed as "our." Or will leaders like the Marois continue to consider me an alien, shoving "their" values down my throat. It's about time that those who are at the helm should start considering us, the lowly immigrants, as their own. Meanwhile, as they take aim at religious clothing, I wish some child would stand up and declare "the emperor has no clothes!."

The question I need an answer for is Who is "our?" Am I, Jimmy Choo Bridal Shoes Cheap

Marois isn't a consensus builder. Rather she's in the business of empire protection.

Define "our"

The Quebec Government is mulling over the possibility of banning residents from wearing religious symbols. Shocking as it may sound, this shouldn't come as a surprise. On her election trail last year Premier Pauline Marois said such measures are needed to preserve "our identity, our language, our institutions and our values."

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What about abortion?

Because it didn't "come up."I have no problem with the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police pushing for the issuing of tickets for simple possession of small amounts of marijuana. But what is surprising in the article Glitter Pumps Jimmy Choo

How come the press never asks the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police where they stand on abortion when that topic comes up?


This is different from liquor in that it's illegal for Jimmy Choo Shoes Hot Pink all ages.

as a country send millions of dollars each year to many disasters around the world Haiti, Africa, or wherever people have suffered a tragedy. I really have no problem with my tax money being used to help those unfortunate people. Today we have a homegrown tragedy caused by an oil spill and fire in Quebec and the insurance for the railway will cover next to nothing of the cost of clean up and rebuilding. I would like to see the governments of Canada, Quebec and the local government treat these people as our governments would other countries and establish an aid program to help rebuild their town and lives.

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Re: "Railway goes bust," Aug. 8.

Chris Buors

None of that is to mention that the majority of Canadians have supported repealing cannabis prohibition for about 10 years now. Canadians need to deal with drug prohibition as a whole and not one drug at a time. The police as an arm of the state need to get out of the political debate while they wear their uniforms least they intimidate those on the opposite side of whatever issue.

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The police are fond of saying that they don't make the laws, they just enforce them but every time the issue of drug prohibition comes up the police don't hesitate to act in their own best interests by stating political opinions while wearing their uniforms. The police should have no political opinions on any issue.

´╗┐Winnipeg Sun

I have paid taxes in Canada since 1966 and have seen politicians waste billions of dollars in that time. I have also seen us Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes With Bow

Inaam Rana

is that there is no mention of whether they are talking about adults or minors. This policy should only apply to adults. Minors should be discouraged from using and there should be stiffer consequences if they are caught.

I see the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police are meddling in drug politics once again. I wonder where they stand on abortion?

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